Tuscan Country Bathroom Design

Country bathroom

Country bathrooms are just right to bring out the romantic in you:

What is the key to getting you the best Tuscan inspired bathroom? and What must you look for whilst getting yourself a country bathroom?

The right touch of luxury and the most exclusive of fittings are necessary in a Tuscany bathroom. That is exactly what the country bathroom will enable you to experience.

It will go on to offer you the right mix of a traditional bathroom with the elegance and classiness of all the fittings be it in the quaint and old-fashioned turn around taps which look as though they are made of bronze or some heavy metal.

When you try and decorate the entire bathroom with a white and beige color theme, with the tiles used in the bathroom adding to the color palette, it is just the haven that you would like to sink your tired muscles into.
The fitted tiles of different sizes enable the bathroom to resemble the cobbled look of times gone by. The stark contrast of the white tub make the bathroom look extremely appealing and make the person want to spend long hours out here. The parapet on the sides of the tub are just right to place a bottle of bubbly with fluted glasses and a book to read. On the other side you could have stacks of fluffy towels, and the usual par aphelia of jars and bottles without which no bath would ever be complete.

The handheld shower and the taps add on the charm of an era that has passed. By the side of the tub, one must have a basin that matches the same theme of white along with old-fashioned taps on it and a plain mirror with wooden reams running on all sides.

The subtle and subdued colors that have been used throughout the bathroom enhance the look further of a country Tuscan vanity & design. The fixtures in the strong color add the right kind of masculine touch to the overall feminine effect. This is a bathroom that is just right for a man or a woman to use.

The floor tiles of a different shade of brown and reddish hues to it further goes on to enhance the color theme followed.

The impression that this country bathroom makes on you and your guests will be phenomenal. The luxuriously and yet time-honored shape of the tub will enhance comfort and the aesthetics.

A country Tuscan decorated bathroom in white and beige reflects your tastes and personality and enables you to retreat to a tranquil surrounding. Also, it can certainly become a haven where you can claim your time and seclusion from the travails of the world

Thelma Anderson

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