Tuscan Bedroom Furniture

Tuscan Bedroom Furniture

Tuscan Bedroom Furniture

Can I put together a Tuscan master bedroom which has the right amounts of elegance and finesse to it?
This is the kind of bedroom that will enable you to partake off the Tuscan charm of rolling hills, vast countryside and the bricks that remind one, of the Italian heritage that brought it to this part of the world.

The exposed beams in brown weathered wood add the right kind of rustic and natural charm from the ceiling. The bed made of worn wood has a light shade blue and white bedcover with matching pillow covers. The bedcover is so very symbolic of the kind that is used in farmhouses, rough cotton and yet soft to touch with the just washed feel and smell to it.

This emphasizes the simplicity of the Tuscan farmhouses. The table on the side of the bed has a wrought iron lamp stand with a lamp shade in the same color as the walls.

The walls have been done in a matching earth tone shade of cream that highlights the dark brown of the furniture and the beams on top. The window frames are made of wood and the windows let in natural light aplenty. The drawer chest in one corner of the room gives the right time-worn look to the room.

The photographs arranged in a collage on the chest give it the right kind of personalization and warmth to this bedroom. The comfortable armchairs that is oh so very inviting to sink into and pass the day away reading a book or listening to one’s favorite music or to entertain really close friends in. The white upholstery accentuates the simplicity of this room.

There might be lace trimmings to it in order to add further to the old world charm of the Tuscan countryside theme. The overall color theme used is soothing and calming to the most frayed of nerves.

This bedroom has a lot of white and cream which are predominant colors in Tuscany. The rough and well-worn wood that has been used throughout adds to create the warmth and comfort so very essential in a bedroom.

Moreover, it is extremely simple to create this kind of a Tuscany inspired master bedroom. It helps to create the most simplistic and old world charm in one’s bedroom a haven to retire to at the end of each tiring and stress filled day. It will be your very own private getaway with your partner away from the urban chaos and commotion outside. The moment you draw the blinds you are transported to your very own relaxing and comforting zone. The room is so much uncluttered that you will always feel energized and in control of any situation. Hence, it’s easy to transport yourself all the way to Tuscany.

Thelma Anderson

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