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Your business blog is a source of traffic, as well as a way for your business to stay connected to your customers. Updating customers whenever you have an upcoming promotion, telling your customers about a new product or even featuring one of your customers on your blog these are all ways you can use your business blog to engage with your customers.

Installing a great theme for your business blog can greatly increase your conversions. Not only this, but it can also help you improve your business blog, and make it much more attractive to your readers. This will also help customers get easier access to your blog. The better your blog looks without becoming cluttered, the better your readers will like it. In fact, if you have amazing content on your business blog, and you combine it with an excellent theme, then your customers will start to come back again and again to read more on your blog. Returning readers can easily be turned into long lasting customers, which will bring you recurring profits and boost your business.

In this post, I am going to share with you my top 10 theme choices for a business blog. All of these themes are WordPress-based, and they all have their own individual unique features that makes them so awesome I just had to include them on this list. Some of the themes I list are free, while others are paid themes. I will tell you when a theme is free or paid and I will link you to the demos as well. Testing out a demo of a theme is a great way to get a feeling of how to theme will look and work on your own blog. This will also help you make an informed decision, instead of buying a theme that you will not be using.

WordPress Business Blog Themes

Building a blog for your business shouldn’t be a hard task. Simply install WordPress, add some essential plugins and then install one of the themes I list here. I’ve personally tried all of these themes to ensure every theme I list in my Top 10 WordPress Business Blog Themes list are perfect for you.

I did a short tutorial on installing a WordPress theme a while ago. If you’re not sure how to install a new theme on your WordPress blog, simply follow the instructions: How To Install a WordPress Theme The Profit Blogger

Sparkling (Free)

Sparkling is a business theme that can also be used for your business blog. This is one of my personal favorite themes, and the reasons for this is very clear. The theme features a clean design that won’t put your readers off. This theme is also responsive and perfectly adjusts to any device it is viewed on.

Some great features of this theme includes the styles it comes with, as well as the different layout options. It’s easy to customize Sparkling to suit your needs.

Microblog (Free)

Microblog is a really great blogging theme and will be a worthy addition to your business blog. This theme is very minimal while also featuring a lot of modern styling in its layout. The theme features a section on the left with information about your blog, but also turns into a menu and sidebar with the click of a button.

The reason I love this theme is because its clean, it’s minimal and it won’t make your blog look like a cluttered piece of garbage. Your visitors will love this theme.

Microblog features a fixed layout, pagination, threaded comments and 2 color options to choose from. This theme is also cross-browser compatible, and completely responsive. Your visitors will be able to read your latest blog posts from home, at the office or even on-the-go.

Readit (Free)

Readit is a modern blogging theme that focuses on readability instead of providing a pretty interface. The theme uses basic colors such as a grey, black and white to provide your audience with an amazing reading experience. To spice things up, the theme also features some really great animations, as well as transition effects.

Apart from its great layout and look, this theme also features an overlay menu that opens with a click of a button. a Sidebar on the right is also quite handy and can hold a subscription form, your recent posts or even a bio box for your business. With this theme installed on your business blog, there’s a lot of possibilities. The theme is also responsive, which means mobile viewers won’t have any problems reading your latest blog post.

Vito (Free)

Vito is actually quite similar to one of the built-in default WordPress themes, except for some excellent additions and layout changes. This theme is perfect for your business blog if you need a clean, modern and responsive theme that’s easy to customize and can showcase your links, business profile and social media links in easy to find locations.

The theme features a sidebar on the right that extends from the top to bottom of the web page. This sidebar contains shortcut links to your social media accounts, as well as a widgets area where you can add some widgets to your pages. You can easily display a short bio of your business, along with a link to your business website.

Blog posts in this theme are also displayed in a clean and professional way. a Large image, followed by the title and meta details of the post, and finally the posts body.

Quidus (Free)

Quidus is a more attractive theme that takes a bit of a different approach. This theme features a center column, accompanied by two sidebars, one on each side. The theme comes with convenient menu placements, social icons in the header, and also a search feature that allows visitors to easily search for content on your business blog.

Installing and customizing the Quidus is very easy. The theme also takes advantage of the background by adding a large-res image to the background to make your blog more attractive.

Syntax (Free)

For those of you who prefer to start writing without having to spend hours customizing a site, Syntax is the theme for you. This theme is a VERY clean theme that consists of a header that contains your site title, a hidden menu on the left side that can be brought up with a click, and your posts underneath eachother. That’s it.

Simple, clean, responsive and perfect if you want to set up a business blog in just a few minutes. This theme will also be great for your readers no distractions and no clutter.

Hexa (Free)

Hexa is a very unique theme that offers a timeline style view of your blog posts. The theme is clean and clutter-free, and contains a hidden menu, sidebar and search function. This all makes this the perfect theme for your business blog if you want to focus on simplicity, while keeping things modern and unique.

The theme offers a header where you can add your blogs title, or even a logo. Next to the header, there’s 3 buttons, each linking to one of the hidden features of the theme. Clicking on one of these buttons will reveal the hidden feature at the top of your website these features include a menu for your blog, a search function and also a sidebar where you can add multiple widgets like a subscription form or a list of your most recent blog posts.

Travelify (Free)

Travelify is a very attractive theme. It’s simplistic, clean and responsive, yet very modern and unique.

I recently used this theme on a new blog I installed for one of my clients. After installing the theme I only did some minor customizations since the theme has a lot of built-in settings that allows for easy customization. The client was very happy with the site and actually reported that His clients love the new blog.

So all-in-all this is one very nice theme to install for your business blog.

The Reader (Paid)

Do yourself a favor and take a look at this themes demo. This is probably one of the best blogging themes you can buy for your business blog. The Reader is packed full of features that you can use to set up a professional blog to promote your business. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what niche you’re targeting, The Reader caters for all.

The Readers features a very attractive multicolor sidebar, multiple layouts, the Smashing Magazine Blog Style Layout, and also built-in social sharing to help you grow viral traffic through social media shares. The theme also supports WPML, which means translated pages are easy to generate when using this theme.

Caprisa (Paid)

Now this is one hell of a sophisticated theme! Caprisa is a premium theme from Themeforest that offers you simplicity and elegance to the max.

The theme features a pinterest style layout with new blog posts showing up as boxes on the home page. The theme is minimal and loads fast, and offers everything you need for a successful business blog. Apart from being the perfect theme for your business, Caprisa is also compatible with WooCommerce. This means that you can easily add some products to your business blog to sell alongside your posts.

The Perfect Business Blog

These top 10 theme choices for building a successful business blog is a great start. Try out the demos of each and see what you like most. It’s important to choose a style that will suit your business and meet your needs at the same time.

Remember that offering a simple and clean layout is often a lot better than having a cluttered website. A Simplistic design is easier to navigate and your audience will be able to read your blog posts without any distractions. Another major advantage minimal themes have over other types of themes is their smaller page size and faster loading time, which will effect your search rankings in a positive way in the longer run.

I hope you find this list of business blog themes useful, and that you find your perfect match out of these 10 themes. If you liked this list, please consider sharing this post. And feel free to leave a comment if you have any other theme suggestions.

Thelma Anderson

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