Sink? Aquarium? Both!

Sink? Aquarium? Both!

Tired of that same old white sink with that boring countertop cluttered with hairbrushes, toothbrushes, and other paraphernalia that is commonly found in bathrooms? Well, if you are brave with a great sense of humor and whimsy you just may want to look into the Moody Aquarium Sink.

The Aquarium Sink is by far one of the strangest and most beautiful bathroom fixtures available on the market today. The aquarium sink is a functional aquarium capable of holding gold fish and other smaller fish in healthy living conditions while providing a place to wash your hands.

The aquarium can be accessed by two points which is sealed with soap dishes so cleaning and maintenance of your fishy friends is easily done. The sink is completely functional and the fish are safe in their home. The entire sink is glass so you will be able to watch the fish at all angles.

The sink stands on a lovely chrome finish brass and while the sink lacks storage space the added benefit of the fish makes it all worth it. The water in the aquarium is circulated for oxygenation and so that the water is filtered making cleaning easier.

The aquarium sink is certainly not for everyone. This is an actual aquarium and needs to be treated as such with regular cleaning and maintenance.

The sink will be right at home in most decors, especially the more nautical bathroom themes. Fashion aside, the aquarium sink is just fun and cute and will certainly be a subject of many conversations.

Thelma Anderson

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