Porcher Pedestal Sinks

Porcher Pedestal Sinks

The Porcher pedestal sinks provide a classic and timeless touch to any bathroom. Sleek and elegant, these pedestal sinks come in several fashionable designs.

Each of these sinks is a minimalist dream as they lack the sharp edges of countertops where clutter can accumulate.
The pedestal sinks do lack storage space that is normally found under most other bathroom sinks but the design statement of the sink’s simplicity and nature would be ruined by any such storage areas.

The pedestal sinks from Porcher are available in several varieties.

The Draped Pedestal features a free form frosted glass bowl that is draped over a wrought iron base. This style is certainly unique and is sure to become the focal point of the bathroom.

Calla II is more of a classic style pedestal sink with a simple design of a white base and rectangular basin with smooth corners.

One of the most beautiful of Porcher pedestal sinks is the Stone Pedestal.

Hand carved black stone creates the Stone sink that is free standing from the wall and a circular basin makes an elegant statement about simplicity and class.

Pedestal sinks are a timeless fixture accessory suitable for any bathroom. Those with smaller lavatories will find that these sinks will free up needed floor space while being stylish and in vogue.

Porcher has several other styles of pedestal and bathroom vanities. Then the ones listed above and all are reasonably priced so it should not be too hard to find something suiting to your tastes. There is no reason to ignore your bathroom as you remodel or redecorate your home.

In fact, the designing options available in the bathroom are limitless and the Porcher Pedestal sinks can provide inspiration.

Thelma Anderson

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