Platform Beds

Platform Beds

The bedroom is one of the most used parts of any home and with this comes the importance of keeping it decorated in an attractive style that compliments the personality of the occupants.

Finding that perfect bed that fits the personality of the home and those inside is one of the hardest things to do.
The current trend is the platform bed which offers a sturdy construction and a modern design.

Platform beds are the next coveted item in interior decorating as it provides that much lusted after flair.

The low profile of platform beds is perfect for smaller spaces while providing the appropriate amount of mattress surface.

Sleek and trendy, these beds are a favorite with apartment and studio occupants who need as much floor space as possible but do not want to sacrifice style and sophistication.

The West Elm platform beds have become an instant hit and come in either twin, full, queen, or king size which makes its perfect for either couples or singles.

The platform is wood coming in colors of chocolate, gray, or blonde. No box spring is needed as the mattress is supported by solid pine slats.

Those that have found a love for Eastern design sensibilities or who have a minimalist decor will instantly adore platform beds.

Platform beds go virtually with any decor, specially on contemporary styles Breaking the mold of old style beds and sleigh beds which can be bulky and space consuming, platform beds are quickly gaining popularity.

Sturdy in design and easy on the eyes, West Elm’s design of the platform bed will quickly become the much loved center piece for any bedroom.

Thelma Anderson

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