Natuzzi Leather Furniture

Natuzzi Leather Furniture

Nothing adds a touch of style and sophistication like a well chosen piece of leather furniture. Leather is comfortable, relaxing and an incredible statement of style and wealth. Of course leather furniture is no longer as expensive as it once was but well designed leather items are still chic and a signature of class and taste.

Natuzzi Leather Furniture

But the big question is, where is the best place for you to buy new furniture? The sheer number of manufacturers is dizzying, but one name that many buyers turn to is Natuzzi leather furniture. This Italian-based chain has recently gained momentum in Europe. Natuzzi leather furniture can be found in their store which operates in South London’s popular Croydon Fiveways.

Natuzzi’s leather is available in an array of colors and is tanned at home in the company’s processing plant. Known for its ability to conform to the body and its easy to clean surface, the leather is available in Protecta and Natural lines.

Protecta leathers are ideal for furniture that gets a lot of use or households with children and pets. Though leather is generally tough and easily cleaned, furniture in active homes may require a little added protection. Protecta leathers are coated with a thin film that resists stains and the effects of aging. Natural leathers from Natuzzi are designed for those looking for as many characteristics of the original hide in their upholstery as possible. Leather in the Natural line is treated with the focus on providing just that. Much of the Natural line’s appeal is derived from the varying shades, color variations, and grain.

Natuzzi is the leading leather sofa producer in the world. Today, modern décor conventions allow you to have a sofa in almost every room of the house. They can be found in large bedrooms with sitting areas, studies, family rooms, and living rooms. Natuzzi sofas come in all imaginable styles, from traditional to contemporary. Due to its place at the top of the sofa manufacturing world, you are sure to find one suitable to your purposes.

You might expect the world’s leading sofa producer to offer sleeper-sofas, and Natuzzi does. Available in nearly as many styles as their sofas, it is easy to find one that suits your bedroom or guest room. The hypoallergenic mattress known as the Greenplus is a fine alternative to the standard mattress, and some models are even equipped with small storage spaces for items such as remotes, magazines, or anything else you want nearby when it is time to catch some shuteye.

Natuzzi leather furniture offers one of the largest selections in the world. Known for their sofas, this Italian leather furniture company excels in the production of many other pieces of furniture as well. Whether you are looking for contemporary or traditional furniture, you are sure to find something that strikes your fancy from Natuzzi.

Leather Furniture Cleaner

Leather Furniture Cleaner

Your home is your sanctuary, your place to get away from it all. It is also where you celebrate birthdays and watch the big game with your friends and family, so you want it to look its best at all times. Nothing displays your sophistication and taste quite like leather furniture. Leather furniture is not there just to look smooth, however, it is there to use. You sprang for the added cost of the luxury given by leather, so it shouldn’t go to waste, but since you and your guests plan on enjoying the comforts of your leather furniture, you can guarantee that it will get dirty.

Leather Furniture Cleaner

What do you do when dirt or ink stains raise their ugly heads and ruin the party? You clean it up, of course! But whilst most dirt will wipe straight off your leather, some can be much more stubborn. In these cases you will need to get your hands on some specialist leather furniture cleaner.

Before you decide on a leather furniture cleaner, you should determine the type of leather that upholsters the furniture. Dyed leather can stain permanently, while pigmented leather generally will not. To find out which one you have, place a small drop of water on a concealed portion of the leather. If it soaks in right away, you have dyed leather and you may have some trouble removing the stains because they like to soak in too. If the water stays on the surface for a while, you have pigmented leather and you have a chance of removing the stain. Don’t panic if you have dyed leather, all hope is not lost. However, it would be best to call a professional in this situation as you may cause irreparable damage by attempting to clean it yourself.

For those of you with pigmented leather, water-based stains such as ketchup, wine and colas can be eliminated using nothing more than plain and simple water. Simply dampen a cloth and gently wipe off the culprit. Don’t go overboard because leather should not be kept excessively wet. If you are having trouble, add mild soap flake to the water. Ink stains can be effectively removed with baking soda followed by a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

If your furniture is more than ten years old, saddle soap is a fine all-purpose leather furniture cleaner. Dampen a cloth and rub the lather on the stain. Do not use this method on newer leathers, however, as they are more sensitive.

One cleaner to avoid is baby wipes. They seem like an easy and capable cleaner, but their job is to neutralize acidic irritants, such as urine, to a baby’s skin. The alkaline cleaners contained wipes will ruin the leather’s finish.

As you can see, it is not necessary to spend a great deal of money or time cleaning your leather furniture. With a little water and some mild soap, you can erase a great many stains. However, if the stain is too large or you own dyed leather, don’t hesitate to call the professionals.

The Basics of Leather Furniture Repair

Leather Furniture Repair

A beautiful home is nothing without beautiful furniture to complement it and leather furniture is the best way to bring out the best in your home. Leather furniture looks great but like all things it is vulnerable to wear and tear. If your beloved leather chair or sofa does sustain a little scuff or tear, don’t throw it on the scrap heap just yet. Repairing it will be easier than you think and there are some handy kits available to help you to do just that.

Leather Furniture Repair

Most modern leather furniture items can be repaired by the owner. Contemporary leather furniture is often scratch resistant and usually constructed so that the grain and color are consistent and will not be vulnerable to water damage. This makes repairing this type of damage even easier.

Although most leather today resists scratches it will still be necessary to prepare the area thoroughly before making a repair. Just because your furniture item is scratch resistant this doesn’t mean that you can go attacking it carelessly. When performing leather furniture repair, just as when removing stains, you should prepare the affected area by cleaning it with water and mild soap flakes or dish soap. Although the leather is guarded against water damage it will still absorb some water when being cleaned, so allow it time to dry before making any repairs otherwise it may stretch or contract, causing yet more damage. Once dry, gently wipe the area with an alcohol pad. These are usually included in leather repair kits. Cleaning the surface in this way will remove residue that could affect repair.

Once the damaged and cleaned area is dry, spread a repair compound over the damage. One half inch outside the hole or tear should do the trick. If you have a deep hole in the leather, you will need to apply a sub-patch first. These are often contained in the repair kits. Smooth out the compound with the provided tool or your finger and allow it dry. Impatient people are often tempted to use a hair dryer set on low to expedite the process, but those inexperienced in leather furniture repair should probably avoid this as it can cause the compound to crack. If that happens you’re back to square one.

After the compound has dried, use another alcohol wipe to remove any residue. Do this gently and sparingly because the alcohol can remove the compound if used in abundance. Next, apply the color coating included in the kit. The first coat should be thin and will likely not cover the patch. The color will probably seem light at first but subsequent coats will cover the entire patch and deepen in color. Finishing up with conditioner is optional, but it makes the repaired area soft and supple.

When your leather furniture is damaged, it is not the end of the world. With the many kits available, leather furniture repair is simple and easy. Just follow these simple steps and your leather furniture will look almost as good as new.

Leather Living Room Furniture: The Busiest Room in the House Should be the Most Stylish

Leather Living Room Furniture

The living room is a truly multifunctional space. It is used for birthday celebrations, watching the football game with your buddies, and just sitting back and relaxing. Nothing adds style and comfort to the room like leather living room furniture. Leather furniture is practical too. It is tough, durable and easy to clean, making it the ideal center for your family life.

Leather Living Room Furniture

Like most leather furniture, leather living room furniture is available in a variety of colors and styles. The color is often uniform and the leather is coated with a thin, protective layer that makes stain removal really easy. As the hub of activity in the house, the living room sees more than its share of activity, especially in households with children or pets. The furniture will almost certainly receive some stains and damage, but repairing leather furniture is very easy nowadays. It can also be found in numerous styles from contemporary to traditional and anything in between.

Regarding the types of furniture found in the living room, a comfy, cozy recliner is a necessity. Warm on the coldest winter nights and cool in the hazy days of summer, it is the perfect piece of furniture in which to lie back and doze off. If you prefer quiet elegance and sophistication, recliners composed of black and brown leather will suit your needs. They are perfect additions to a living room dressed with a fire place or wood paneling.

If entertaining guests during the big game is your thing, your own personal recliner absolutely must come equipped with cup holders at the end of the arms. Leather living room furniture is easy to clean, remember, so don’t worry about those minor beer spills or major league nacho stains.

You may be the king of your castle, lounging in your recliner, but don’t forget about the comfort of your guests. Leather sectionals accommodate plenty of your rowdy friends and can handle the use and abuse it will surely receive. Sectionals made for frequent social gatherings often include in the armrests that recede into the couch for smaller get-togethers or extend to appease larger parties. Cup holders can often be found in these armrests. Small, concealable center consoles sometimes have compartments for the remote or other items you want nearby.

Quiet comfort may be what you are looking for in your living room, time spent with your significant other. A loveseat is the perfect piece of leather living room furniture for this lifestyle. Cuddling side by side on a cool, autumn evening or enjoying an iced tea on a July afternoon, you and your loved one will be perfectly content in the form-fitting confines of a supple leather loveseat.

Dont forget that leather makes a great detail for items that you dont sit on as well. Things like a large leather coffee table and end tables wrapped in leather make great additions to any stylish home. Leather is also great in the fact that it ages well and actually looks better a little beat up!

Leather living room furniture is comfortable, durable, and practical in all seasons. So slide into your recliner or stretch out on your sectional and enjoy life the way it was meant to be – wrapped in leather.

Leather Furniture for Every Room

Leather Furniture

Leather has long been considered to be the most luxurious material it is possible to buy. It has been used in fashion for all kinds of purposes, adding a touch of class to to every aspect of our lives. Leather shoes, leather briefcases, leather messenger bags, leather wallets, leather car upholstery, all are associated with style and sophistication. But leather furniture is one of the most successful applications, allowing us to enjoy the comfort and luxury of leather throughout our homes.

If you have a penchant for leather and are considering redecorating your home, you will be interested to know that it is now possible to have leather items in every room of your house. Whilst it might sound extreme to have an entire house upholstered in leather, and the literal application of this would be more than a little bizarre, it is interesting to see how leather is now applied in all areas of furniture design and how there a place for it in almost every room.

Why don’t we take a tour of the virtual house of leather to see just how many times the luxury of leather can be successfully applied in its décor?

The Bedroom

Leather beds are not only stylish but incredibly comfortable too. If you enjoy reading in bed then you will enjoy the soft leather headboard of one of these beds. Leather beds come in many different colors but the most popular are red, brown and black, as with most leather items. There are a number of styles too, including platform, canopy and sleigh.

The Bathroom

The bathroom might seem like an unusual place to find leather, and you’d be right. However, many people have a chair in their bathroom so why not one upholstered in leather? Leather is water resistant and so perfect for bathroom use. Leather clothes hampers also make an unexpected fashion statement.

The Living room

The living room is the obvious place to find leather furniture. Contemporary furniture is very popular currently with stylish leather sofas and chairs being more popular than ever before. Whatever your taste you are sure to find a leather sofa to suit you, from classic chesterfields to angular or stylishly curved sofas. Leather armchairs and recliners are often made to match, but there are more designs of individual armchairs than be counted. If you would like to try something different, have you considered a leather chaise-lounge?

The Home Office

Black leather furniture fits in an office like a foot in a shoe. There is nothing like a big leather office chair to make you feel important. But what about an old fashioned leather paneled writing desk? Oh yes, a big desk will really make you feel like the boss but be prepared to pay through your nose.

Leather Dining Chairs

Even kitchens and dining rooms can benefit from the luxury of leather in the form of leather dining chairs. Contemporary designs feature high backed chairs upholstered in leather and often shaped with elegant curves. Leather is perfect for dining wear as is stain resistant and easily wipes clean.

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