A Basic Guide on Heat Guns and Its Uses

Heat Guns

A heat gun is a great tool to have around the hose or shop. You can use a heat gun for removing paint, thawing frozen pipes, loosening floor tiles and many other projects. However, the most popular use of a heat gun is to remove paint and wallpaper. A heat gun looks similar to a hair dryer but it is far more dangerous if not used correctly. Some heat guns can produce heat to up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, so never point it in the direction of a person or an animal.

​The best heat gun on the market is the leister heat gun. This hand tool is the top performing general purpose heat gun that is great for shrinking, paint removal and much more. This heat gun has a max temperature setting of 2000 watts and a safety upon failure through start up protection that is like no other.

The Leister Heat gun is great for:​

  • Wallpaper and paint removal
  • Tinting car windows.
  • Drying construction joints, adhesives and stucco forms.
  • Great for removal of old paint, varnish and plaster.
  • Activating hot melt adhesives.
  • Disinfection of stables with hot air of 600 C with caution to not heat up the wooden floor excessively because it might cause a fire.
  • Home Crafts 
  • DIY Project 
Leister Heat gun

The leister heat gun comes with a selection of 7 nozzles to choose from depending on the job you are going to do. Some of the nozzles are: glass protection, reducer, reflector, tubular, solder sleeve reflector and more.

Heat Guns Safety

Heat Gun Safety

A heat gun is a great tool to have but also can cause a fire and explosion hazard if not used correctly. If you are not very familiar on how to use a heat gun remember to never place the gun on the floor with the tip on the floor as this might start a fire, always place the gun down with the tip standing vertically.

Never touch the heat gun housing or nozzle when they are hot because they can cause burns. Let the heat gun cool down first and never point it at people or animals.

This tool is only to be used indoors so it needs to be protected from damp and wet and it is not allowed to be used by children.​

Always wear safety glasses, gloves, dust respirator at all times because fumes produced by the heating of paint, plastic or any other material are very harmful. Because of the fumes that might be produced use the heat gun outside in a ventilated area. Also, keep the work area clean of any paper, wood shavings, or anything else that might start a fire from the heat of the gun.

To talk about the best heat gun there are a few things you need to consider. However, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what are needs? what kind of job are you going to perform. Do you need a heat gun for a small 5 minute job or do you need a gun for a big task that is going to last a few days like removing paint form an old house. If you only need one for a small task a cheap heat gun from Walmart will do just fine as you will not be using it often and will not use it for long periods of time. One the other hand if you are serious about the heat gun you want to get , and are really looking for the best heat gun then let's talk about what you need to look for in a heat gun to make it the best heat gun for you.

​When looking for a heat gun you need to consider the feel and weight of the gun, the heat it produces, and the cost.

Best Heat Gun Weight and Feel

Best Heat Gun Weight

When you have a heat gun in your hand you need to feel it sold, it cannot feel like a cheaply made gun that will brake instantly if you have to drop it. The weight of the heat gun is on of the key factors of the best heat gun. Great ones weight less than 2 lbs. Now, why is weight so important? because if you are going to use the item for long periods of time the gun can start feeling very heavy and you have to constantly have to take breaks because it is not a light gun and it will take you longer to finish a job. A light heat gun is great when holding it in small places or over your head for long periods of time.

Best Heat Gun Heat

The heat a heat gun creates is key to be able to have control of the item you are heating. A good heat gun has the ability to adjust the heat accurately to avoid over heating or burning items you are heating. There are many heat guns that only have two speeds: high and low. These guns are OK if you are not serious about heat guns and are not gonna use it very often. However, if you are going to be using your heat gun often you need full control of the heat the gun creates so you need a gun that has the ability to specify the heat is creates.

Best Heat Gun Price

To consider a heat gun the best on the market it also has to have a great price. However, you have to keep in mind that a cheap heat gun will have a higher risk of burning out that one that has a moderate price. There are heat guns out there that have a high price that don't perform as well as other heat guns. Now, how do you know which gun has a good price? You have to compare several heat guns on the market and consider the key points we mentioned about to know if you have a good heat gun or not.

Best Heat Gun Price

From our experience the best 3 heat guns on the market are: The Leister heat gun, the Milwaukee heat gun and the Steinel heat gun. Each of these 3 brands creates the best quality heat guns on the market and you will not go wrong with any of these guns. Here is where you would consider the price and buy the best heat gun that fits your budget.​