Packmage CAD Box Template Library Introduction

Packmage CAD

Packmage CAD packaging design software released a new version which redesigned the box template library greatly. Let’s check the interface first.

All the box templates listed in the library as die line, folding, unfolding, half-folding status to facilitate the users search box in the library. at the left side is the box template classification window. all the box templates classified according to material, structural and usages, if user know the properties of the box he can find the box easily.  In the central of the window, all the box templates are listed as half folding status which is very intuitive for search. the colored boxes are activated, user can use those boxes for parametric design, the gray boxes aren’t activated currently, user need to buy license to activate them.

At the upper right corner, user can adjust the box templates display size and change the status to folding, unfolding and die line, which reduced lots of work for box design, user only need to search the library to find out the right box to edit parameters to get his box structural design done.

Once user selected one box template in the library, the die line and 3D box will be shown in the right side of the window with usage descriptions. If user searched box one website, then you’d better remember the box template ID so that you can check and activate it directly by input the ID in the search bar of the box library window.

This features of the Packmage CAD software makes the corrugated and folding carton box design work even more easy, user do not have to be high skilled, only need to know the box properties then search on the library. What if  box templates don’t exist in the library? Currently Packmage CAD software has 400 commonly used box templates, and we continually to update the quantities. If there has box cannot being found in the library, there will be a submit box templates form in the official website, we will add them in the library according to the vote.

Thelma Anderson

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