Natuzzi Leather Furniture

Natuzzi Leather Furniture

Nothing adds a touch of style and sophistication like a well chosen piece of leather furniture. Leather is comfortable, relaxing and an incredible statement of style and wealth. Of course leather furniture is no longer as expensive as it once was but well designed leather items are still chic and a signature of class and taste.

Natuzzi Leather Furniture

But the big question is, where is the best place for you to buy new furniture? The sheer number of manufacturers is dizzying, but one name that many buyers turn to is Natuzzi leather furniture. This Italian-based chain has recently gained momentum in Europe. Natuzzi leather furniture can be found in their store which operates in South London’s popular Croydon Fiveways.

Natuzzi’s leather is available in an array of colors and is tanned at home in the company’s processing plant. Known for its ability to conform to the body and its easy to clean surface, the leather is available in Protecta and Natural lines.

Protecta leathers are ideal for furniture that gets a lot of use or households with children and pets. Though leather is generally tough and easily cleaned, furniture in active homes may require a little added protection. Protecta leathers are coated with a thin film that resists stains and the effects of aging. Natural leathers from Natuzzi are designed for those looking for as many characteristics of the original hide in their upholstery as possible. Leather in the Natural line is treated with the focus on providing just that. Much of the Natural line’s appeal is derived from the varying shades, color variations, and grain.

Natuzzi is the leading leather sofa producer in the world. Today, modern décor conventions allow you to have a sofa in almost every room of the house. They can be found in large bedrooms with sitting areas, studies, family rooms, and living rooms. Natuzzi sofas come in all imaginable styles, from traditional to contemporary. Due to its place at the top of the sofa manufacturing world, you are sure to find one suitable to your purposes.

You might expect the world’s leading sofa producer to offer sleeper-sofas, and Natuzzi does. Available in nearly as many styles as their sofas, it is easy to find one that suits your bedroom or guest room. The hypoallergenic mattress known as the Greenplus is a fine alternative to the standard mattress, and some models are even equipped with small storage spaces for items such as remotes, magazines, or anything else you want nearby when it is time to catch some shuteye.

Natuzzi leather furniture offers one of the largest selections in the world. Known for their sofas, this Italian leather furniture company excels in the production of many other pieces of furniture as well. Whether you are looking for contemporary or traditional furniture, you are sure to find something that strikes your fancy from Natuzzi.

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