Make working with WordPress Shortcodes a Blast

WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress shortcodes are short little text codes that instantly adds a feature to a page or post. These shortcodes are very handy when it comes to implementing sliders, contact forms and other types of content directly into your page or post. They also allow you to use different type of features without having to copy/paste long lines of code just one short little text code.

In this post, I would like to tell you that you no longer have to struggle to find the perfect shortcode. I’m going to introduce you to different shortcode plugins that will make working with WordPress shortcodes a breeze for you.

WordPress Shortcodes

Before jumping into the plugin and how it works, let’s take a quick look at what WordPress shortcodes really are. As mentioned before, WordPress shortcodes are short text codes that adds a feature into a page or post without having to copy/paste long lines of coding.

Some of the things that can be done using WordPress shortcodes include the integration of image slideshows, video sliders, list building subscription forms, contact forms and much more. You can even style your text using shortcodes. All of this makes it really easy to create well-formatted posts on your WordPress website.

Top 3 WordPress Shortcodes Plugins

WordPress Shortcodes plugins give you the ability to add different elements directly into your posts and pages without having to write a single line of code. This is really handy imagine being able to insert beautiful buttons, tabs, sliders, videos and more directly into your posts and pages by simply clicking a button.

I’m going to reveal to you the top 3 WordPress shortcodes plugins that you can install and instantly have access to a wide variety of shortcodes.

Shortcodes Ultimate

The first plugin I want to introduce to you is Shortcodes Ultimate. Shortcodes Ultimate is a free WordPress Shortcodes plugin that gives you more than 40 professional looking shortcodes that you can instantly add into any post or page. The shortcodes can be accessed directly from the built-in WordPress text editor so there’s no need to browse to a different page while writing content.

This plugin also works with any theme, so there’s no need to implement extra coding to make the plugin compatible with your current theme. And if the plugin doesn’t offer enough features for your taste, you can always grab their add-ons to add additional features to the plugin.

Read more about Shortcodes Ultimate:

Download Shortcodes Ultimate:

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode is another really great WordPress shortcodes plugin. This plugin gives you the ability to add Bootstrap widgets and elements to your pages through shortcodes. One of the really great features of this plugin is the button it adds to the built-in WordPress text editor it adds a button that gives you access to all the elements you can add to your posts and pages via shortcode.

The plugin also comes with shortcodes for columns, which means styling and formatting your content is now super easy.

Read more & Download Easy Bootstrap Shortcode:

WordPress Shortcodes

The third shortcodes plugin is known as WordPress Shortcodes. This is another useful shortcodes plugin that adds different shortcode shortcuts to the default WordPress text-editor. With the WordPress Shortcodes plugin, you can instantly add elements like tabs, accordions, alerts, lists and more to your posts and pages with a click of a button.

In total, the plugin features more than 26 different shortcodes. The plugin also creates SEO-friendly tabs, and provides layout shortcodes for easy formatting of your content.

To read more about WordPress Shortcodes, or to download the plugin:

Easier access to layout elements

These three WordPress Shortcodes plugins are all really great examples of plugins that you can install to have instant access to different shortcodes on your WordPress website. Apart from these plugins, you will also find that a variety of other plugins also offer their own shortcodes plugins such as Revolutionary Slider, MailPoet and Contact Form 7. These shortcodes will actually insert a complete feature into your page, such as a slider, a subscription form or a contact form with just one single piece of code.

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