How to Make A Solar Panel Cheaply And Easily

Solar Panel

You can easily adapt modern solar panel technology and learn how to make a solar panel to create power for your home. Solar panels have been around in the energy and space industries for many years, and the technology is very reliable and efficient.

The process of how to make a solar panel can be undertaken using the sorts of tools and materials that are found in many garages, and those that you don’t have can be easily found in places such as recycling facilities, hardware stores, on eBay or from other online suppliers. And best of all you don’t need a technical degree or a high level of skill; just the willingness to make your own alternative energy, a bit of spare cash and a few hours spread over a couple of weekends.

How to Make a Solar Panel – The Basic Materials You Will Need

* Wiring

* Wiring solder

* Glue

* A waterproof sealing agent such as silicone

* Plastic panel

* Wooden framing material & screws

* Black paint

* Solar cells

In terms of solar cells, make sure you go for quality instead of lowest price. Remember that you will want a high-efficiency system that will last a long time. When planning how to make a solar panel, you will need to calculate how much power you want to produce, and then divide this by the output of an individual cell to give you the number of cells required. Bear in mind that even well-constructed DIY systems will probably only produce around 80% of the claimed output per cell.

How to Make a Solar Panel – Putting It All Together

Once you have collected all your materials, the construction part of how to make a solar panel is quite straightforward.

Glue your solar cells together in square ‘blocks’ of 36 (i.e. 6 by 6), using the joining tabs to make sure that the electricity will only flow in one direction. Put the cells on a backing board and then fix them inside an insulated wooden frame. Paint the wooden frame black and cover the frame and cells with your plastic paneling. Screw the paneling onto the frame and make sure it is properly sealed with the silicone. Your solar panel will then be ready to place on the roof or wherever else is suitable.

Connecting and Installing Your Solar Panel

The next stage in how to make a solar panel is to connect it to a series of storage batteries, so that you can ‘draw’ on the power when you need it. It is a good idea to talk to an electrician or battery supplier to make sure you get the right batteries and wiring setup for your needs. Either way, you should be able to complete this stage in a weekend without any difficulties.

Finally, place your framed cells on a roof or other suitable location that isn’t shaded by nearby buildings or trees, and align them in such a way that they will collect the maximum amount of sunlight for your location.

With some planning and simple materials, the process of how to make a solar panel is quite easy, and best of all, enjoyable. In these times of excessive reliance on fossil fuels, it is a great DIY project that can produce serious financial and environmental benefits for your family and community.

Thelma Anderson

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