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Today I would like to talk to you about how to make money online with Google AdSense. This is a very popular question that gets asked a lot on Q&A sites, as well as on different forums and discussion boards. Taking this into mind, I decided to do a quick post to help those out with the question How to make money online with Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an ad-serving network that offers blog and website owners the opportunity to make money from the site. The network is owned by Google and usually serves ads placed by Google AdWords customers.

Being a Google product, using Google AdSense to make money online is a great way to create an extra income stream for yourself. By simply serving ads in different places on your website or blog, you will be paid every time someone clicks on one of the displayed ads.

Benefits of Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is my personal preferred method to monetize websites and blogs. I currently own a couple of niche-specific sites, as well as niche-specific blogs, and all of them are serving Google AdSense ads except for the blog you’re on right now. I decided not to go with Google AdSense for The Profit Blogger. The reason is simply because I’m busy conducting research on different monetization methods, and I will be releasing a full case study report about my experience very soon.

Ill soon be releasing a case study to help you understand the difference between various monetization methods, and how they affect certain niches. The case study will be released for FREE to my private mailing list.

Now on to the benefits of using Google AdSense to monetize your website or blog:

  • Google AdSense is free to join. There’s no registration, admin or other fees involved.
  • Google AdSense offers different forms of payment. This means that you can use Google AdSense in a variety of countries, unlike some ad-serving networks with very restricted country selections.
  • Ads can be served as text, banners or a combination of both.
  • Text ads can easily be customized to suit your website or blogs look.
  • Get paid per thousand impressions, as well as per click.
  • High payout rates per click for some keywords. Keyword research is necessary to find these keywords.
  • It’s relatively easy to get accepted into the Google AdSense program. No need for a blog with thousands of daily unique visitors to be approved.
  • Ads are loaded based on keywords found in your content. This means that ads will usually be relevant to what your page and/or site is about.

How To Make Money Online With Google AdSense

Making money with Google AdSense is actually a very simple process. The key to making a lot of profit is to get a lot of readers to your blog, or visitors on your website. The more visitors you receive, the more clicks you’ll get and the more profit you’ll make. It’s really as simple as that well, kind of.

To properly explain to you how to make money online with Google AdSense, let me break up the important parts of how to make money online with Google AdSense in bullets. These bullets will tell you the most important parts of making the most money from Google AdSense.

  • You need to plan ahead.
  • Keyword research should be an important part of every post you make.
  • Long-tail keywords are easier to rank for, and can drive traffic to other pages on your website as well.
  • High CPC keywords are better to target as they will give you better payout rates for every click received.
  • Proper placement of ads on your website is important.
  1. Plan ahead

The first thing you need to consider when you ask the question How to make money online with Google AdSense is the quality and relevancy of your content. In order to attract a maximum number of readers to your blog or website, you need to ensure the content you provide are of high quality, are relevant to your target audience, and provides value to your readers. Readers who land on your site and finds your site useless will hit the back button and NOT click on your ads. This is NOT what you want.

Planning before crafting your content is important. You should do research in order to determine what information your target audience is looking for. Then create content that solve these problems. By using this technique, your content will be much more relevant to your readers and visitors.

  1. Keyword research

During the planning phase of your content creation process, you need to do keyword research. Keyword research is a process that you need to follow in order to find keywords you can target in your content. By targeting keywords in your content, you are able to rank easier and better in search engines based on the targeted keywords.

Keyword research can be performed using various tools, including:

  • SEMRush (Highly recommended)
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Tool
  • WordStreams Free Keyword Tool

When doing your keyword research for your content, you should pay close attention to factors such as the competition of each keyword, the average number of monthly searches, as well as the CPC rate. The lower the competition of a keyword, the easier to rank for that specific keyword.

  1. Long-tail keywords

A Secret sauce to get some traffic juice to your website or blog is to target long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are keywords that had a huge spike in search traffic, thereafter the search traffic decreased, but stayed steady for a long period of time. These keywords are keywords that you can usually use to create evergreen content, and the keywords will also provide organic traffic to your website or blog over a longer period of time that said, if you can get your pages to rank well.

Long-tail keywords are also keywords that’s usually a couple of words long, instead of a short one or two word keyword. These keywords are easier to rank for, and have much lower competition that regular keywords.

Instead of giving you links to expensive software that you can use to find long-tail keywords, I’m rather going to show you a quick and easy way you can find these gold-mine keywords for free. The method uses Googles suggest feature, and it really works!

To use Google Suggest to find long-tail keywords, all you need to do is start typing in Googles search box. The search box will automatically try to guess what you’re searching for those auto suggested guesses are mostly long-tail keywords.

As you can see in the two images above, I started typing and Google spat out some useful long-tail keywords for me.

By searching for make money online, I got the following long-tail keywords:

  • make money online without investment
  • make money online free
  • how to earn money on internet
  • make money from home
  • make money online fast

And by searching for how to lose weight, I got the following long-tail keywords:

  • how to lose weight in a week
  • how to lose weight in your face
  • how to lose weight fast

You will notice that not all the long-tail keywords suggested here would be useful, but you can definitely use some of them. The search phrase how to lose weight brought 3 very useful long-tail keywords that can easily be converted into 3 informative and high-ranking blog posts. The search phrase make money online brought some keywords that doesn’t make much sense, but they can easily be used in various ways to get you high rankings.

  1. High CPC Keywords

When doing keyword research, and making money with Google AdSense, it’s important to target keywords that will get you high payout rates per click. Proper keyword research can be the difference between earning $0.01 and $10.00 on a single click this is why it’s so important to do research when choosing a keyword.

Try to target long-tail keywords with high CPC rates.

You should note that the rates per click that can be viewed in Googles Keyword Tool are NOT the average payout rates per click Google AdSense publishers get. You should use a tool such as SEMRush to search for CPC rates these rates are much more accurate.

  1. Ad placement

When placing Google AdSense codes on your website or blog, its very important to place these codes in spots that will be visible to your readers, and in obvious click locations. This will increase your CTR (click-through-rate) and will help you make more money.

It’s a good idea to place an ad in your header, as well as in your sidebar. I also usually ad an ad below the title of every post this is usually best done manually by editing your theme or sites code.

Try to place ads at the top of your site so people can easily see it when they land on your website. If your visitors are very engaged with your content, you can also place an ad at the bottom of your posts. This way, users will see an ad after their done reading your post.

Important Note: NEVER place more than 3 Google AdSense adverts on one single page of your website or blog. Google AdSense allows a maximum of 3 ads on a single page on your site. Anything more than 3 ads can get your account suspended.

Get Started With Google AdSense

If you like what you’ve read in this post, then you should definitely get started with Google AdSense. It’s really easy to get started and you’ll be able to implement this how to make money online with Google AdSense guide sooner than you think!

Step 1 => Head over to

Step 2=> Sign up for a Google AdSense account. Be honest when filling out the application form.

Step 3 => Wait for approval. Once approved, log into your account.

Step 4 => Visit the My Ads tab and click on Create New Ad. Customize the features of the ad and save the ad.

Step 5 => Copy the code displayed in a popup box and paste it on your website.

These 5 steps are all it takes to get started with Google AdSense. After following these steps, your Google AdSense account will be ready to start making you money. Now you just have to drive traffic to your website or blog and you’ll see your click count on ads increase day-after-day.

Final Words

In this quick post, I shared some details about how to make money online with Google AdSense. After years of experimenting with different ad-serving networks, I’ve decided to stay with Google AdSense. This guide to how to make money online with Google AdSense provides essential information that will help you understand what Google AdSense is and how this ad-serving network can help you make money from your website or blog.

Now it’s up to you to use the information you read in my how to make money online with Google AdSense guide in a way that will help you profit from your site by following just a couple of steps.

If you have anything else to share, please leave a comment. Also please feel free to share this article with your friends to help them learn how to make money online with Google AdSense.

Thelma Anderson

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