Lipla Bed: Sleek and Effective

Lipla Bed

Lipla Bed: Sleek and Effective

A good bed is the foundation for many sweet dreams. However, beds that are comfortable are not always praised for their style. Luckily, there is a bed among us that offers the comfort that we all crave and the grace and serenity we all desire.

Unlike typical platform beds, The Lipla Bed from is a study in elegant lines and curves that come together to create a bed that delights the eyes, the touch, and is able to deliver us to sleep.

Coming in a wide variety of colors that can be matched to create uniformity perfect for those with a modern industrial taste or mixed to intrigue the imagination and play with mind, the Lipla Bed really belongs in every bedroom.

The bed which has a wooden base but can also come in the many lacquers available is low to the ground.
Possibly inspired by Asian aesthetics the Lipla Bed is diverse enough to match just about any decor or design scheme.

The headboard is optional though many prefer it as the subtle curves leading from the bed to the headboard creates a beautiful contrast.

There are a few draw backs from the practical point of view with the Lipla Bed as it may not go well with rooms that are cluttered or overbearing.

The simple design will look out of place in a bedroom that is grandiose or opulent as the two themes just do not function well together.

Overall, the Lipla Bed is graceful, chic, and absolutely stylish. It is most ideal in sparsely decorated rooms or rooms with very little clutter since it does sit close to the ground.

Thelma Anderson

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