Leather Furniture for Every Room

Leather Furniture

Leather has long been considered to be the most luxurious material it is possible to buy. It has been used in fashion for all kinds of purposes, adding a touch of class to to every aspect of our lives. Leather shoes, leather briefcases, leather messenger bags, leather wallets, leather car upholstery, all are associated with style and sophistication. But leather furniture is one of the most successful applications, allowing us to enjoy the comfort and luxury of leather throughout our homes.

If you have a penchant for leather and are considering redecorating your home, you will be interested to know that it is now possible to have leather items in every room of your house. Whilst it might sound extreme to have an entire house upholstered in leather, and the literal application of this would be more than a little bizarre, it is interesting to see how leather is now applied in all areas of furniture design and how there a place for it in almost every room.

Why don’t we take a tour of the virtual house of leather to see just how many times the luxury of leather can be successfully applied in its décor?

The Bedroom

Leather beds are not only stylish but incredibly comfortable too. If you enjoy reading in bed then you will enjoy the soft leather headboard of one of these beds. Leather beds come in many different colors but the most popular are red, brown and black, as with most leather items. There are a number of styles too, including platform, canopy and sleigh.

The Bathroom

The bathroom might seem like an unusual place to find leather, and you’d be right. However, many people have a chair in their bathroom so why not one upholstered in leather? Leather is water resistant and so perfect for bathroom use. Leather clothes hampers also make an unexpected fashion statement.

The Living room

The living room is the obvious place to find leather furniture. Contemporary furniture is very popular currently with stylish leather sofas and chairs being more popular than ever before. Whatever your taste you are sure to find a leather sofa to suit you, from classic chesterfields to angular or stylishly curved sofas. Leather armchairs and recliners are often made to match, but there are more designs of individual armchairs than be counted. If you would like to try something different, have you considered a leather chaise-lounge?

The Home Office

Black leather furniture fits in an office like a foot in a shoe. There is nothing like a big leather office chair to make you feel important. But what about an old fashioned leather paneled writing desk? Oh yes, a big desk will really make you feel like the boss but be prepared to pay through your nose.

Leather Dining Chairs

Even kitchens and dining rooms can benefit from the luxury of leather in the form of leather dining chairs. Contemporary designs feature high backed chairs upholstered in leather and often shaped with elegant curves. Leather is perfect for dining wear as is stain resistant and easily wipes clean.

Thelma Anderson

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