Leather Furniture Cleaner

Leather Furniture Cleaner

Your home is your sanctuary, your place to get away from it all. It is also where you celebrate birthdays and watch the big game with your friends and family, so you want it to look its best at all times. Nothing displays your sophistication and taste quite like leather furniture. Leather furniture is not there just to look smooth, however, it is there to use. You sprang for the added cost of the luxury given by leather, so it shouldn’t go to waste, but since you and your guests plan on enjoying the comforts of your leather furniture, you can guarantee that it will get dirty.

Leather Furniture Cleaner

What do you do when dirt or ink stains raise their ugly heads and ruin the party? You clean it up, of course! But whilst most dirt will wipe straight off your leather, some can be much more stubborn. In these cases you will need to get your hands on some specialist leather furniture cleaner.

Before you decide on a leather furniture cleaner, you should determine the type of leather that upholsters the furniture. Dyed leather can stain permanently, while pigmented leather generally will not. To find out which one you have, place a small drop of water on a concealed portion of the leather. If it soaks in right away, you have dyed leather and you may have some trouble removing the stains because they like to soak in too. If the water stays on the surface for a while, you have pigmented leather and you have a chance of removing the stain. Don’t panic if you have dyed leather, all hope is not lost. However, it would be best to call a professional in this situation as you may cause irreparable damage by attempting to clean it yourself.

For those of you with pigmented leather, water-based stains such as ketchup, wine and colas can be eliminated using nothing more than plain and simple water. Simply dampen a cloth and gently wipe off the culprit. Don’t go overboard because leather should not be kept excessively wet. If you are having trouble, add mild soap flake to the water. Ink stains can be effectively removed with baking soda followed by a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

If your furniture is more than ten years old, saddle soap is a fine all-purpose leather furniture cleaner. Dampen a cloth and rub the lather on the stain. Do not use this method on newer leathers, however, as they are more sensitive.

One cleaner to avoid is baby wipes. They seem like an easy and capable cleaner, but their job is to neutralize acidic irritants, such as urine, to a baby’s skin. The alkaline cleaners contained wipes will ruin the leather’s finish.

As you can see, it is not necessary to spend a great deal of money or time cleaning your leather furniture. With a little water and some mild soap, you can erase a great many stains. However, if the stain is too large or you own dyed leather, don’t hesitate to call the professionals.

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