Laguna Wooden Bathtub

Wooden Bathtub

The wooden bathtub offered by Laguna are an example of refined elegance. Inspired by dark woods which invite and radiate a sense of warmth and serenity; these bathtubs are the pinnacle of luxury.

The Pearl Wooden Bathtub is freestanding and compact. Its deep color and breathtaking shine can add that needed flair to an existing bathroom. Its slope design makes it easy to stretch out and relax.

When finished with chrome faucets, the contrast of metal and wood is pleasantly impressive.

Laguna Spa provides a new and unique twist to bath time. Freestanding with an oval design like the Pearl bathtub, the Spa has an added feature. The entire rim is lined in pebbles that simulate a natural feel while having the privacy of residence.

Relaxing in the spa is an experience within itself. Watching the water softly brush over the pebbles and recede promotes the feeling of relaxation. The spa is also a dark wood design that draws the eyes and entices the mind. The Laguna Basic offers the common rectangular design but with the elegance of a wooden bathtub. The sharp lines flow into a curved bowl that provides an eye-pleasing contrast. This tub is ideal for any type of bathroom and can enhance the decorum drastically.

The ability to line the edge with candles or have a glass of wine at the ready are just some advantages of the Basic over its sister, the Pearl Tub and Spa.

All the Laguna Wooden Tubs are breathtaking and provide an opulent style and creativity for any home. It will be a pleasure to take a long, hot bath in any of the models. Stress will simply drift away using the Laguna tubs.

Thelma Anderson

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