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WordPress Theme

The WordPress theme repository contains thousands of themes, and in this post I’ll show you how to install a WordPress theme. Its quick, it’s easy and it can be 100% free.

WordPress Themes

WordPress is a really great blogging platform, but can also be used as a fully featured website. One of the best things about WordPress is its themes. WordPress can easily be extended by uploading and installing a theme. This changes the appearance of your whole website to something more suited to your niche or requirements.

The WordPress theme repository has thousands of free themes that you can install. And thanks to the most recent WordPress updates, you can now install themes directly from within your WordPress website no need to download and upload ZIP files anymore!

If you would like to browse the WordPress theme repository, go to

Free vs. Paid Themes

Although the WordPress theme repository contains many free themes, you can also buy paid themes for WordPress. These themes are usually of higher quality, and comes with additional features such as premium plugins and special layouts.

Free themes are usually very basic. These are really great for beginners if you want to touch the blogging industry without having to spend money. There are quite a few free themes with premium features as well you just have to search a little bit to find these.

How to install a WordPress theme

Now that I’ve told you a little bit about WordPress themes, let me show you how to install a WordPress theme. There’s generally two different ways to install a theme on WordPress, so Ill guide you through both of these processing in this post.

The first method is the easiest and allows you to install a theme without leaving your website. There’s also no need to upload any files to your server with this method.

The second method is just as easy, but involves downloading theme files and uploading them to your WordPress website.

Don’t worry if these methods sound hard, I will be guiding you through both processes and Ill include screenshots along the way.

  1. Internal Theme Installation

This is the first method Ill guide you through. With this method, you’ll be installing a theme from within your WordPress website. This is also the easiest method out of the two methods Ill guide you through.

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress admin area

The first step is to log into your WordPress admin area. This is really easy simply go to your domain and add /wp-admin at the end. So let’s say your domain name is and your WordPress installation is in the root folder, you’ll be able to log into your WordPress admin area by going to

WordPress Admin Login

Step 2: Go to the Add New Theme page

Next up you need to access the Add New Theme page. After logging into your admin area, simply go to Appearance > Themes as shown below.

Appearance > Themes

The Themes page will show you all the current themes you have installed on your WordPress website. Here you can activate a new theme or customize your currently active theme.

You need to click on the Add New button at the top, next to the word Themes.

This will bring you to the Browse Themes page. On this page, you can browse through the different themes available for FREE on the WordPress themes repository. There’s thousands of great themes available that you can choose from to install a theme, simply hover over the themes thumbnail and click the Install button. If you want to see how your website will look with the theme activated before actually installing the theme, click the Preview button instead.

Step 3: Filter your options

This step is completely optional, but a great help indeed!

The page inside your WordPress website that allows you to browse the different themes also allows you to filter the themes. This is extremely useful, especially if you have certain features in mind. You get different types of filtering options.

To access these filters, simply click the Feature Filter option in the top bar while browsing for a theme.

This will show you all the options there are to help you filter the results and find the perfect theme for your website.

Now use these filters to your advantage. Tick the boxes next to filters you want to apply to the theme browser, and hit Apply Filters once you are happy. This will give you a filtered list that only contains themes that matches your filter options.

  1. Theme Upload Option

The second option is also quite easy, but involves a bit more work from your side. With option 2, you need to download the actual theme files and upload them to your website. Dont worry Ill show you how you can upload a theme directly inside your WordPress website without having to fiddle with FTP or cPanel.

For this option, follow step 1 and step 2 from the previous option (1. Internal Theme Installation). Do not install a theme through the theme browser though follow the instructions below.

When you get to the Add Themes page, click on the Upload Theme option.

Next you’ll be presented with the built-in theme uploader. Click on Choose File, browse to the ZIP file you downloaded (The theme package) and double click on it. Now simply click on Install Now. The installer will upload the file, install the theme and then you can active the theme or preview it on your website.

As for finding zip packaged themes, you can browse the WordPress theme repository and download the themes manually, or you can buy a theme from a website such as ThemeForest these themes always come in ZIP packages since they are not part of the WordPress theme repository. You also get a How to install a WordPress theme PDF document with most of the premium themes.


I really hope this How to install a WordPress theme quick tutorial helps you out. I covered two different theme installation methods so whether you want to use a free theme or buy a premium theme you now know how to install it.

Thelma Anderson

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