Impacts of Product Packaging on Environment

Product Packaging

People see how to use all these different ingredients in the product packaging that are harmful to the environment as well as dangerous impact on our health. Development of various diseases such as cancer and other mutations associated with these pollutants we are exposed every day. This led people to be better informed about the environment and the use of more environmentally friendly product, including green packaging.

Product packaging plays a vital role in marketing and selling the product. But it also hurt the environment, here are some packing materials and the impact on the environment.

Plastic packaging- the material most commonly used for packaging of cosmetics. More plastic bottles, tubes, club cream, etc., have attractive shapes and colors, so that people leave their impact on the environment. The chemical composition of plastic that prevents it from going through the natural process of degradation. In general, cosmetic packaging is preferred for its flexibility and lightness. But in reality, is a hazardous material because of its widespread use due to the accumulation of plastic waste pollution in the environment, consumption of fossil resources, high levels of energy consumption in the production and migration of polymers and additives in food and elsewhere .

Paper packaging -another material commonly used for packaging, a major factor in deforestation is the mass market requirements, generally 3.5 pounds of wood are required for one pound of paperboard. The packaging industry consumes large amounts of paper, which contributes significantly to deforestation.

Why the product packaging is so important? Let’s take food packaging for example, in general, the packaging is designed to protect food against environmental conditions throughout its life cycle and distributed to consumers. The package keeps the product clean and protects it from dust and other contaminants. It also prevents damage that can occur during treatment during transport and distribution. The package protects the water as food, light, insects and rodents etc.If packaging is attractive to the eye, the product is sold in a hurry.

What we can do to reduce the impact of product packaging on environment? Recycling has been proved the most effective way to reduce environmental degradation.  While plastic and paper will reduce the damage is only a small part of it. Plastics recycling means higher costs and limited benefits in reducing environmental degradation and diversion of resources from waste. For paper recycling,  water and energy consumption during the recycling process causes the depletion of water and increasing greenhouse gas emissions. So recycling together with reduction of using product packaging is the only solution for our environment.

Thelma Anderson

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