A Guest Room Used Every Day

Guest Room

A Guest Room Used Every Day

Question: I have guests popping in every other day since my husband is into his marketing profession. What would be the best possible ways to make it look like a living room? – Martina

Answer: This guest room looks like part of a living room. Folding doors open to “expand” the size of the living room, or to close this area off for complete privacy.

If your living room doubles as space for guest sleeping, perhaps you can adopt the folding-door idea. As alternatives, try traverse draperies on a ceiling track or a portable folding screen. Either could give you a private “guest room.”
No matter where you fit in your guest space, there are three essentials to keep in mind: You should give your guests as much privacy as is possible, a place to hang their clothes, and a light near the bed.

Wall of bookshelves is broken by shallow closet and small sections enclosed by plywood doors. The doored section cost less than drawers, add decorative interest.

It’s only 12 inches deep. A pull-out clothes rod, a shelf for hats, rack for ties, one for shoes, and a mirror help small guest closet do big-closet duty.

Thelma Anderson

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