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If you recently logged into Google AdSense, you would’ve noticed a big surprise waiting for you. Yes, today the new Google AdSense Page-Level Ads opportunity by Google was released and added to every Google AdSense users account. This new feature from Google brings yet another opportunity for bloggers to boost their online earnings.

Google AdSense Page-Level Ads

Google announced the release of Page-Level Ads for AdSense today. This new technology that was implemented into their existing Google AdSense program offers an extra method for bloggers and website owners to boost their current online income. The new Page-Level Ads feature lets users of the AdSense network add a new ad on their website without effecting the look or layout of their website at all. The ads are loaded on top of your website so it doesn’t interfere with the content of your website.

The Up-Side and the Down-Side

This latest development in Googles ad serving network brings bloggers a brand new opportunity. It also comes with its own ups and downs.

The Down-Side: Unfortunately this new feature by Google AdSense will only be available to mobile-friendly websites. The new ads are mobile-optimized to increase your earnings from mobile viewers.

The Up-Side: Google won’t count this new ad unit as part of the limited 3 ads per page count. This means you can have your regular ads on your website, and still add the new Google AdSense Page-Level Ads code to serve mobile users these ads.

My thoughts on this new feature

I’m a digital marketer and I’m always hungry for new ideas and opportunities to experiment with. I welcome any new opportunity that can help me boost the earnings of any of my blogs or websites. I must say that I personally appreciate this new feature by Google and will definitely be making use of it one some of my websites. I also recommend that anyone with a mobile-focused or mobile-friendly website should get this feature added to their site ASAP. This could definitely have an impact in your monthly earnings.

New Ad Formats

With the new addition of mobile-focused ads on the AdSense platform, Google introduced 2 different ad formats for the Page-Level Ads system. These ad formats offer different ways for your users to interact with the new ad system Google offers you the ability to choose how you want the new ad system to work on your website.

Overlay Ads / Anchor Ads

The first new ad format introduced with Page-Level Ads is the overlay ads format. This format loads an ad on mobile devices that sits at the bottom of the screen. Users can then click on the ad, leave it open or easily close it through a close button.

This ad format will work great for sites where users are interested in reading information, but can work for any type of mobile-friendly website or blog.

Vignette Ads

Vignette Ad Format I really like this ad unit and its perfect for one of my niche-sites. I recently added another display ad serving network to my site in order to get full screen ads, but now thanks to the new Vignette ad format, I can keep all my earnings with Google AdSense!

This ad format will load a full screen advert on the user’s mobile device. The user can then click on the ad or easily close it by clicking on the close button.

Adding Page-Level Ads for AdSense to WordPress

With the release of Google AdSense Page-Level Ads, many bloggers and website owners will have to learn how to implement this new feature on their site. Luckily Google made it easy by allowing you to generate one simple code that you can add to the header of your website. After adding this code to your website, the Page-Level Ads for AdSense feature will be activated on your website and these new ads will soon start to appear on your site, earning you extra revenue.

Log into Google AdSense

To implement the new Page-Level Ads system on your website, you simply need to generate a code at Google AdSense and add it to the header of your website. It’s really quick and easy so simply follow along.

The first step is to head over to

Login to your Google AdSense account. If you do not have an AdSense account, simply sign up for one and wait until you are approved. Once logged in, you will be presented with the Google AdSense dashboard, as well as a quick overview of the new Page-Level Ads for AdSense (if you logged in after the new update, then you already saw the quick overview and the popup will not load a second time).

Page-Level Ads for AdSense

Now that you’ve logged into your Google AdSense account, you can access the new Page-Level Ads system and add it to your website. To get started, click the Test it out button in the banner on your dashboard, or click on My Ads and navigate to Page-Level ads.

On this page, you have two different ad formats that you can activate and add to your AdSense websites. These two ad formats are called Anchor/Overlay Ads and Vignette Ads. Both of these can help you multiply your current earnings on mobile traffic.

If you want to find out more about a specific ad format, simply click on the blue arrow next to the summary of the ad format to expand the detailed information.

Expand ad format details

You can choose to have both of these ad formats active on your websites at the same time, or you can choose to only have one active at a time. To maximize your earnings, you can activate both of the new ad formats for extra potential and opportunity.

To active the ad formats, simply click on the switch next to the one(s) you want to activate and wait for the switch to turn blue.

Once you’ve switched on the ad format(s) you want to use on your website, its time to grab the code and add it to your website.

Add Page-Level Ads to your website

Now that you’ve logged into Google AdSense and activate one or both of the new ad formats for Page-Level Ads, it’s time to generate your code and add it to your website. Don’t worry Ill guide you through the simple easy steps?

First of all, on the same page where you activated these ad formats scroll down until you see a box that looks like the one below:

Get ad code for page-level ads

Now simply click on the Get code button and AdSense will instantly generate the code you need to add to your website to implement the new feature on your own site or blog.

Page-level ads for AdSense get code button

After clicking this button, a popup will appear that contains the generated code that will add the new Page-Level Ads system to your website.

Website code to activate Page-Level Ads

Copy this code and paste it somewhere that will be easy to access later on.

The next step is to add the code to your WordPress website. This step will only take a minute to do and will enable the new ads on your entire website.

Head over to your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to Appearance >> Editor.

Appearance > Editor

You are now at the built-in WordPress HTML / CSS editor. Here you can edit various files of your currently active theme, as well as inactive themes. This page is useful if you want to make any manual changes to your website that cannot be done with the Customize or Theme Options features.

Today we are only going to use this page to add the Google AdSense Page-Level Ads code to our WordPress website.

On the left side of the page, you will see the editor. This is where you edit the code of files included in your WordPress theme. On the right side you will find a list of all the files included with your theme. To open up a file, simply click on it.

The code for our Page-Level Ads system need to be placed in the head section of your website, so look for a file names Theme Header and open it.

Link to edit Theme Header

After clicking on Theme Header, the header.php file will be loaded in the editor on the left side of the page. This is where you will be adding the code.

Look for a line that contains the text <head> if you look scroll down a bit, you should also be able to see a line that contains the text </head>. Everything between these two lines are known as your websites header. This is also where you need to place the code to activate Page-Level Ads on your website.

Paste the code you copied from Google AdSense just before the </head> line.

Page-Level Ads added to WordPress

Paste your Google AdSense Page-Level Ads code in your Theme Header

Now scroll down and click on Update File. This button will save the changes you have made, and the new ad code will be loaded the next time you access your website.

Update File to save Page-Level Ads code

Voila! You’re done. This is all it takes to add the new Google AdSense Page-Level Ads to your website.

Final Words

By following these simple steps, you are able to add the new Page-Level Ads for AdSense to your website and start receiving extra profit from your mobile viewers. Keep in mind that these ads are not always shown to mobile users, as Google AdSense uses an algorithm to automatically detect when it’s best to show them. This should be seen as an advantage users won’t get so annoyed compared to these ads showing up on every visit.

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