Free Website Traffic: Proven Strategies To Drive Hoards Of Visitors To Your Website [+ Infographic]


Free website traffic is something every new blogger needs if they want to become successful online with a small budget. If you’re only starting out, and you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on expensive advertising and paid traffic; then you need to look for alternative options. The good news is that driving free website traffic isn’t as hard as some believe.

By using only the 3 proven strategies to drive free website traffic, you’ll already be on your way to making your blog more popular. These 3 proven strategies have been used by many bloggers, internet marketers, SEO-experts and website owners to drive free traffic to their website, and it always works.

Free Website Traffic The Easy Way

Driving free website traffic is a process that takes some time and effort, but it pays off. Putting in the time and effort needed to drive high quality traffic back to your website using free strategies will help you learn many new things in the internet marketing industry, and will also create high quality backlinks to your website in the process. Think of it as killing two birds with one stone you drive traffic back to your website and build backlinks in one go.

  1. Forum Signature Links

The first strategy I would like to discuss today is forum signature links. Okay, okay I know you’ve probably heard about this one before. But let me tell you I’m listing it for a very good reason. It works!!

To drive free website traffic through Forums, the first step is to find forums related to your niche. You can do a simple search on Google to find niche-related forums. Try one of the following searches: (Just replace your niche with your actual niche ;D)

your niche + forum

your niche + discussion

Both of these searches will bring up thousands of Google search results. Scan through the results and find forums to join.

Now I’m going to tell you how you can drive insane amounts of free website traffic through forums, and a simple link in your signature. Be sure to follow these steps so you do it right the first time.

Before you start, you might want to consider registering a new email address to use here. If you own a custom domain, simply create a new email address for this purpose.

  1. The very first thing you should do is open a new document where you can store all the information in. I recommend using a spreadsheet application for this step. If you don’t have Microsoft Excel or a different spreadsheet processor installed on your computer, head over to Google Sheets and create a new spreadsheet. You will store your usernames/passwords here, and you will store URLs of all threads you posted on.
  2. Search for different forums in your niche. Find ones with a lot of active users, and threads that was recently published and replied to. This means there’s a lot of users on the forum, and you can drive more traffic from these forums. Copy and paste the URLs of these forums into your spreadsheet.
  3. Start registering at each forum. To make things simpler, you can use the same username/password combination of each. Take down the credentials you use to register at each forum. Some forums require email verification be sure to verify your email if necessary.
  4. After registering at forums, take some time to fill out your profile. Add a profile picture, a short bio and be sure to fill in a link to your website if they provide such a field. (Do not add a signature yet!)
  5. Now it’s time to start posting in these forums. Browse around each forum and find threads where you can reply to. You should find threads where you can add value. For instance, if you are targeting the weight loss niche, you can answer questions about how do I lose weight fast? Or What food should I avoid to lose weight?. Be sure to reply to the threads with a valuable answer provide value to the community. This way, people in the forum will start to get to know you, and once you add a signature link they will be more likely to click since you’ll be considered an established member.
  6. After making a few posts in these forums, head over to your account settings and fill out your account signature. Include a link back to your website in your signature. Now every time you reply to a thread, this link will show in your signature driving free website traffic, and creating backlinks to your website at the same time.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to drive tons of free website traffic from online forums. Just be sure to always provide value and NEVER simply reply to a thread by adding Thanks, great thread or something similar. This will come across as spam and might even get your account banned remember you want to provide value so people will click on the link in your signature.

Tip: Some forums won’t allow you to add a signature to your account before you become an established member. In this case, simply be active within the forum for a couple of days until you reach the required permission level.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is also a well-known internet marketing strategy that helps you drive free website traffic. Unfortunately a lot of people taking social media marketing on just can’t seem to succeed. So here I will tell you a bit more about driving free traffic back to your website through social media marketing, and building social backlinks for your website at the same time.

As we all know, social media networks are becoming more and more popular. With more than 1 billion active users each day on Facebook alone, you cannot ignore the power of social media anymore. Its time to take action and to take advantage of these powerful platforms to drive traffic to your website.


Let’s start with Facebook. I really enjoy promoting my content on Facebook its easy and it works. With Facebook, you have several ways to drive traffic back to your website without having to spend thousands on paid advertising. Yes, Facebook offers PPC advertising, but that’s only optional. The free Facebook marketing methods still work.

The first way to drive traffic back to your website is by sharing content on your own wall. Each time you add new content to your website, add a short shoutout to your Facebook timeline. All of your friends will be able to see this, and if they are interested, they can click to go to your website. Just remember to add a link to your website in each shoutout.

Another way to drive traffic is to create a fan page for your website. This works really well since you are able to create a community of people interested in what your website has to offer. To create a fan page, simply log in to Facebook and look on the left-hand sidebar. You’ll see a tab that reads Pages click on Create New Page. Now simply follow the steps to create your page I usually choose Brand and Website for my type of page.

Once you’ve created a fan page, start by adding an avatar / profile picture for your fan page. Next up add a cover photo that’s related to your niche. Your cover photo should be attractive. If you’re not sure how to create a cover photo, you can head over to Fiverr and pay someone $5 to design one for you. You should also create a Call to Action button simply click on the Create Call-to-Action button and choose the button that best suits your page.

Now you should post helpful content to your fan page, as well as updates every time you publish new content on your website. Also invite your Facebook friends to your fan page there’s an option to quickly invite your friends directly from your fan page.

After you’ve build up some content on your fan page (about 4 or 5 posts), search Facebook for groups related to your niche. Simply search your niche keyword in Facebooks search box, and choose Groups when you’re presented with the results. Start joining multiple groups related to your niche. You can also join Advertise for free and Advertise your page and Advertise your business groups. When joining a group, a request is sent to the admin of the group you’ll receive a notification once they approve your request to join the group. Keep adding content to your page (Update your page about 3 times a week) and wait until you are approved in a couple of niche-related groups.

Once you’re approved in a few groups, start sharing helpful content with the groups. Also reply to posts created by other members of the group. Always share thoughtful and helpful content that provides some kind of value to the group and its members. Once you become an established member, start sharing content from your Facebook fan page in these groups (Share directly from within your Facebook fan page). This way your links will have more authority when shared in the groups. Anyone who sees your share will be able to click on your Facebook fan pages name and access / like your fan page, and they will be able to visit your website driving free website traffic back to you.

Tip: When composing a new post to share on Facebook, be sure to include the URL you are promoting within the first few lines. After publishing your update, Facebook will cut the message short if its too long, with a more link at the end. You need to make sure the URL you want users to visit appears above this more link.

There are more ways to drive traffic back to your website using Facebook. You can add some of the people in niche-related groups as your friends on Facebook this means they will see your updates if you post anything directly to your own timeline. You can also contact group admins and ask them if they could pin your post for a couple of days some admins will charge you for this, others will do it as a favor if the content you’re sharing provides value to the group. You can also exchange shares on different pages once you’ve built up a strong amount of followers simply contact admins of pages related to your niche and ask them if they would exchange a shoutout with you. This means that they will mention your page / website on their page, and you will do the same for them on your page.


Twitter is actually very straightforward. Head over to Twitters home page and register a new account for your website. Make sure you choose a username that’s closely related to your website (preferrably exactly your websites brand name). Next you should verify the email address you used to register the account simply head over to your inbox and click on the validation link. Do this before you fill out your profile!

Now go to your profile settings. You need a profile picture and a cover photo. If you’re not good with creating graphics, get someone on Fiverr to do it for you for only $5 each. Fill in a short bio and include a link back to your website. This way, users will be able to click on your websites link whenever they check out your profile.

Now you need to find the top trending hashtags, and find some way to create tweets that can be tagged with these hashtags. Some hashtags are very global, while others are very filtered / narrow. It’s important to find some popular tags to tag your tweets with this will help you build up followers faster. You should also use hashtags directly related to your niche.

To make things more clear for you, I’m going to state a short example here. Let’s assume you have an online affiliate store selling music and movies. You visit Twitter and see that theres a popular trending hashtag #JustinBieber. You’ve got it simply head over to your website, add the latest Justin Bieber music with an affiliate link, and then post a link to this page, along with the trending hashtag #JustinBieber as a Tweet. This will put your tweet in front of millions of Twitter users.

Do not only use your Twitter account to post links to your website. Share helpful content, and maybe even a few jokes. Then drop your link in every now and then. This will build up more authority and will give you better quality traffic.

This is basically how Twitter works, and how you can use Twitter to drive free website traffic back to you.

Google Plus

Google Plus is Googles social media network, and can be accessed with your default Google account. It’s actually quite convenient! Google gives you access to multiple apps and platforms with one single account.

Using Google Plus to drive free website traffic is also quite easy, but it will take some time depending on the strategy you approach. Similar to Facebook, Google Plus has a couple of different ways you can utilize the network to drive traffic back to your website for free.

The first way to drive traffic back to your website for free using Google Plus is by posting content on your own wall. You will need a lot of followers if you want to drive free website traffic using this strategy. A Good way to start getting followers is to search for pages and communities related to your niche, and then following some of the members of these pages and communities. When these people follow you back, you get niche-specific followers, which means they will be more interested in the posts you share on your wall than generic followers. The more followers you have, the more exposure every post you create on your wall will receive.

Apart from posting to your own wall, you can also join some communities and share your links within these communities. Communities on Google Plus works similar to Groups on Facebook it’s a collection of members within a community that shares a common interest. Joining the right community can help you drive free targeted traffic to your website, blog or even to your affiliate links. There’s also thousands of communities dedicated to promoting your own blog, advertising products, and general online promotion. It’s a good idea to join a couple of niche-related communities, as well as some of the generic advertising communities. With niche-related communities, it’s important to share helpful content with the community to build up more authority for yourself, and then you can start dropping your links. With generic advertising communities you can simply drop your link as this is the sole purpose of these communities.

Google Plus also offers its users the ability to create their own community and pages. It’s a very good idea to create your own Google plus Page. You can also create a couple of different niche-related communities, add your link in the links section and then share some helpful content in the community. If you share helpful content, choose a popular search term for your communitys name and add an attention-grabbing cover image, then your community will start to grow all by itself.


Pinterest is probably one of the best social networks to use when driving free targeted traffic to your website. By utilizing this pin-board styled social network, you can easily start to drive free website traffic by simply pinning, following and liking. Popular niches that usually get high volumes of traffic from Pinterest include cooking, recipes, weight loss and website themes. These are NOT the only popular choices, but I’ve seen thousands of visitors driven to blogs and websites (targeting these niches) from Pinterest.

Think of Pinterest as a pin board where you can pin everything you like. You can also create different boards for different topics. For example, if you write recipes and want to drive people from Pinterest to your recipe blog, then you could create a different board for different types of recipes. Cakes, Desserts, Pasta Dishes, Chicken Dishes, etc. As another example, if you are targeting the gaming niche, you could create a different board for every console, or maybe even a different board for every gaming genre. You can thin pin content onto these boards and anyone following you will see them. Your pins will also show up in search results this is how people can discover your content, like them and even follow your account.

I suggest creating a separate Pinterest account for your website / blog. Name your Pinterest account after your website or blog, and include a link to your website in your bio. Then create a few boards and pin some of your content on them.

Now here is how you can start getting followers, repins and likes. After you’ve added some of your own content, search Pinterest for phrases related to your niche. Then like a couple of pins, repin a couple of pins and follow a couple of the accounts you see in the search results. You could even leave a comment on some of the pins. This way people will start to notice you and follow your account once they follow you, it means they will see everything you pin on their own homepage / pin board.


LinkedIn is the last social media network I’d like to share with you. This network is more business focused, but can also be a great asset for driving free targeted traffic back to your website or blog. And thanks to this network growing larger and larger every day, you can now drive free website traffic from LinkedIn to virtually any niche business related or not.

It’s a good idea to use your own LinkedIn account for promoting and driving traffic back to your website or blog. This will also help you build more authority as an internet marketer and blogger. You can also use LinkedIn to drive traffic in different ways and it’s a lot similar to Facebook and Google Plus when you think of it!

The first strategy you can use to drive traffic to your website from LinkedIn is to get a lot of people interested in your niche to connect with you on LinkedIn. Similar to Facebook, when you connect with someone on LinkedIn (like adding a friend on Facebook), they will have to accept your connection request. They will only see updates from you appear on their timeline AFTER they’ve accepted your connection request. Once you have a few connections on LinkedIn, you can share a few links to your website (remember to balance sharing of your links out with helpful content).

Another way to drive free website traffic with LinkedIn is by utilizing Groups. Groups are collections of members interested in a similar topic like making money online or losing weight. The strategy works similar to the strategy you use with Facebook Groups and Google Plus Communities find and join a couple of Groups related to your niche, share helpful content with the group, build up some authority so you don’t look like a spammer, and then drop a link in there.

  1. Blog Commenting

On to the third strategy that will show you how you can drive free website traffic back to your sites by simply posting comments on other niche-related blogs. This strategy is very easy to follow, and it’s quickly to implement. This means you can drive free targeted traffic to your website or blog by only doing a couple of minutes work each day.

When driving traffic to your website through blog comments, it’s important to remember that you DO NOT want to spam. You don’t even want to come across as a little bit spammy. This could get your comments rejected, or even get your IP addresses blocked from the domain.

I’m going to tell you exactly how you can post simple comments on blogs related to your topic and niche, and drive high quality, targeted traffic back to your website FOR FREE!

First of all, head over to DropMyLink and register a new account. It’s very simple, simpy fill in your email address and then create a password for your account. You’ll be presented with the DropMyLink dashboard immediately after you register.

DropMyLink is a SEO Footprint search engine that searches through various online blogs, forums and other platforms to find places you can drop backlinks on. Apart from creating backlinks to your website, this technique also allows you to drive free website traffic back to your sites.

This platform is actually quite simple to ease, and it allows you to customize the results to your requirements.

Start by entering a keyword you want to search for. Then choose a category, and finally a Footprint. You can also filter results by specific times and TLDs (domain extensions) and you can specify how many results you want to be displayed in your search results.

I usually use the category Comment backlinks and the Footprint Comment Luv Premium. Comment Luv Premium is a comment technology that usually gets your comments approved easily, and allows you to drop a link. This technology also pulls your latest blog post from your blog, and then adds it to the bottom of your comment. This drives traffic to your website in 2 ways from every comment you post.

Driving More Free Targeted Traffic

The 3 strategies for driving free website traffic to your blog and sites are all great strategies that works. I’ve been using them and a LOT of other internet marketers are also using these strategies on a daily basis to drive high quality, targeted traffic to their websites, blogs and affiliate links without having to spend thousands of dollars on paid advertising.

I recommend using these 3 strategies in a balanced combination for the best results. By utilizing all 3 options, and by putting in a little effort, you will be able to drive thousands of unique visitors to your website or blog using easy methods that really works. These methods have been tried and tested, and I personally find these 3 strategies to be some of the best ways to drive free website traffic.

Once you master the 3 strategies I shared with you in this post, you should look into other strategies as well to expand your reach and drive even more free targeted traffic to your website or blog.

Some methods to keep in mind when expanding your traffic building techniques include article marketing, infographics, image promotion, content marketing, document sharing, directory listing, blogging communities and, of course, by publishing regular press releases. The more techniques and strategies you implement for driving free targeted traffic back to your website or blog, the more exposure you will get, the more backlinks you will generate and, most importantly, the more free website traffic you get.

Thelma Anderson

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