Free Directory Submission List 2016 [Blog Edition]

Directory Submission

Submitting your website to a free directory submission list can drastically boost your incoming traffic. Many internet marketers are actually starting to turn away from free web directories. Their response is usually all these directories are saturated or they simply don’t work anymore. While these facts hold some truth, there’s still some significant value in submitting your blog or website to a free directory submission list. This is true even in 2016.

In my first edition of a series of posts that will give you a free directory submission list each, I will be focusing on blog directories. This is directories you can submit your blog to and then get traffic back to your blog once your blog is approved. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that you will receive thousands of visitors rushing to your website. But I can tell you that this method still works even if you only do it for the backlink value.

By going through a free directory submission list, visiting each link and adding your blog to every blog directory you visit, you will be adding a link back to your blog in front of millions of internet users searching for information each and every day. This also makes it important to include a logo and an informative description of your blog whenever you submit your blog to a new directory. If you have some free time to spare, you could even write a separate description for every submission you make which will make each submission unique and original.

Free Directory Submission List

To submit your blog to one of the blog directories on this free directory submission list, simply click on the name of the blog directory and follow the instructions provided by each site. The process is usually straight forward register and submit. Some directories might need you to complete more steps, like verify your email address. These tasks only take a few seconds and they will be worth your time and effort once traffic flows back to your blog.

Free Blog Directory Submission List

Since this is the first part of my free directory submission list post series, I will be sharing a variety of high PR blog directories you can submit your blog to. This will give you a listing in an appropriate category, which means anyone visiting these blog directories will be able to find your blog if they are interested in your niche. At the same time you are placing a listing on these blog directories, you will also receive a backlink to your blog! Think of it as hitting two birds with one stone

Tip: Some blog directory sites in this free blog directory submission list will ask you for a link back to them. It’s a good idea to create a space on your blog to add backlinks to these directories as they usually give priority to listings that include a link back to them. Your listing might also appear higher in search results when you link back.

Blogarama Blog Directory

So here’s the list of free directory submission sites that you can submit your list to. (Please support me by sharing this page using the buttons below to unlock the list)

Blog Directory Google PageRank Alexa Traffic Rank
Bloggapedia 6 129,038
Alltop 6 10,073
BD – Blog Directory 6 47,165
B. Collection 5 39,639
Blog Flux 5 44,730
Blog Listing 5 112,935
FuelMyBlog 4 63,388
Blogville Blog Directory 4 77,561 3 125,524
Blogarama 2 40,261
CKALARI Blog Directory 1 171,475
Blog Top List 6 57,196
On Top List 6 43,052
Blog Hints 5 73,771
Spillbean Blog Directory 3 151,730
Blogging Fusion 5 94,025
1ABC Directory 4 29,407
Bloggernity 5 86,361
Blog Hub 5 133,664

As you can see, the list is still quite small (standing at 19 sites at the moment), but I’ll tell you why this is. When you do a quick search for free directory submission list you get a lot of sites that list hundreds of different directories you can submit your site to. The problem with these lists their usually just a bunch of links that someone copied from somewhere else (or a combination of links they got from different sources). Chances are some of those websites aren’t even active anymore.

This is why my list is so small at the moment. I literally go to every blog directory site I can find and I try them out. If I find their blog directory submission process to be easy to use, and their directory to be effective, then I list them on this page.

Do yourself a favor bookmark this page and subscribe to my newsletter (you can do so in the right sidebar, and its 100% free). Then visit this page again frequently (or check your email for updates from me). I’ll be updating this list as much as possible with new blog directories I can add to our free directory submission list.

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