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Carton Box

Recently Packmage CAD software released a brand new beta version for free carton box packaging design, unlike other software such as esko, cimpack and adobe illustrator, it has changed the packaging design process.

Packmage CAD offers a rich box template library with classifications, user search keywords to get the box templates he want,  then edit the size according to customers requirements, which means user only need to input parameter values to get the box design down. It has improve the efficiency greatly especially to the users who do not own packaging design software skills. It intend to make the design of non-structural innovative box templates more simple, fast and standardized. All the box templates in its library can be used in the Parametric design module, user only need to input length, width, depth and other parameters related to box templates to get the box structural design done in seconds. The box template structural design draft can be exported as PDF、DXF format which can be imported into Photoshop、Illustrator、CorelDRAW、AutoCAD and other softwares. In the library, box templates can be displayed as unfolding, folding and half-folding status with explanations which facilitate users greatly.

Although it isnt power enough like other packaging design software, it could meet commonly packaging design work of the designers. Furthermore, the software is free, users only need to pay the box template license fee which is extremely save the cost for people especially for small packaging business, usually they have only about 10 box templates all the time, others means nothing to them, if they buy a packaging design software which could increase their cost. With Packmage CAD software, they can check the box templates they want in the library then pay for the related license,  not only save time but also save money.

Once user modified the values of the box template in Packmage CAD, they can import the graphic design to match with the structural design, then they can check both the 3D blank simple and color simple of the box with high definition. With the 3D module, designer can check his design work comprehensively, no matter there’s any flaw in the corner or inside and outside of the box, it could be found immediately during 3D box modeling process.

Step and Repeat module matches the single die graphics with box template structural design then step and repeat the die graphics, after that Packmage CAD rendering the graphic design into single die graphic to output the die cut template and printing template file. This module can improve accuracy、 work efficiency and ensure die cut template file consist with printing template file. The module offers smart array and manual step and repeat methods.

Thelma Anderson

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