Feng-Shui Bedroom in Earthy Tones

Feng-Shui Bedroom

Feng-Shui Bedroom in Earthy Tones

Question: What kind of a bedroom color theme must you choose if you want a bedroom that is alluring and yet simple?

This is a bedroom for someone who has a rectangular room that provides them the right kind of huge space. The bedroom has been done up with the color theme of a White landscape complemented by Earthy tones. The mix of white and browns in different shades make this a stark and stunning combination.

If you like clean lines and Modern functionality, then you will not be able to turn your back on this bedroom. The main centerpiece in the room is the large double bed in shades of gray with the head board to match it. The low lying bed with the white crisp linen sheets and matching white pillow covers and the back-rest cushions in a different color make this bed a heavenly retreat.

The entire ambience that this bedroom creates for its owner is one that is soothing and peaceful. The wooden beams and rafters on the ceiling make it a stunning combination, the moderns of the bedroom and the traditional look offered by the wooden ceiling.

There is certainly nothing bland and boring about the bedroom. The natural colors used throughout, including the small storage closet, with drawers made in wood with the white border go so well with the theme.

The right amount of nature and a different color is brought by the plants placed in the corners. The entire bedroom presents a stunning and savvy look for the uber-modern man or woman. This is the kind of bedroom that you will want to come home to, no clutter and everything in place. This bedroom is a balm for the tired mind and body to rejuvenate for the next day.

The light in the center of the room goes on to provide centrally diffused light. It is able to cast the right shadows to enhance the mood of the people in this room.

This bedroom has no stereotypical trappings of what is found in usual bedrooms. Hence, there is no television, no side tables and no wardrobes or closets. This makes it look roomy and airy which makes it look more inviting. The colors that have been used in this room make it timeless and the kind of design that will never go out of fashion. This room is right for anyone, the couple, the guest or a bachelor. The chic white walls enhance the quality of light reflected and enlighten the mood. The several shades of white accentuating on gray bring out the essential beauty of this bedroom.

Thelma Anderson

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