Drum Sander Reviews – Everything You Need To Know About Drum Sander Tool

Drum Sander

Drum Sander

The drum sander is the workhorse of the sanding world. A sander drum is basically a sheet of sandpaper attached to a cylinder, or drum, and then spun at high speed. When wood or other materials are pressed against the spinning drum, the surface is sanded down quickly and effortlessly. Larger drum floor sanders are available for heavy-duty and industrial uses. The floor drum sander is often mounted so that large amounts of material can be sanded in a single pass. Here are some of the most popular names in drum sanders, and a glimpse at the features that have driven their popularity.

Performax Drum Sanders

The tabletop Performax drum sander features an infinite speed setting, between 1 and 12, intended to help you increase productivity by getting your rough sanding jobs done quickly. It is engineered to allow heavier usage for extended periods of time, a trait that has gained notice in cabinet shops and other professional arenas. But Performax does not stop at the tabletop models, either. The company’s stand alone flood drum sanders are a forced to be reckoned with.

Grizzly Drum Sanders

A Grizzly drum sander is a leader in woodworking tools and equipment. Built with the heavy-duty capability you demand from construction tools, these models are also made with the innovative design you have come to expect from Grizzly. Drum sander sizes range from the 12″ Baby Drum to industrial floor drums sanders that can handle more than 36 inches at a time.

Ryobi Drum Sanders

Ryobi drum sanders are everything you would expect from a name like Ryobi. They are stand-alone floor drums capable of handling up 16 inches of material in a single pass, or 32 inches using a double pass method. The conveyor can be adjusted for a number of feed variations, and the units are built to handle the near-continuous use of industrial settings. Ryobi may be the best-known name on the list of topĀ  sanders, but it often ranks the highest in price among comparative models.

Woodmaster Drum Sanders

Woodmaster drum sanders are available in several sizes, including a recently introduced 50 inch drum. While this company is not as well known as the other brands on the list, consumer and professional reviews alike indicate that Woodmaster drum sanders can give the leading brands a run for their money and provide the end-user with equal value for less expense.

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