DIY Conservatory Prices

DIY Conservatory

DIY conservatory kit prices start from around? 1200 and, depending on the design, size and options can cost several thousands of pounds. It can be tempting to be swayed by price alone, but you will often find differences in specification, from the frames to the glazing.

Firstly, as a DIY conservatory, the frames themselves should be simple to put together. Cheaper conservatory systems may not have the benefit of quality fittings and profile design leading to increased labor times and perhaps costly mistakes.

The glazing is another area where some conservatory suppliers decrease the specification for a more attractive price. This might look good in the short term, but if your conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter you could well be left with a white elephant in the garden. Polycarbonate is the standard conservatory roof glazing material, but there different suppliers offer different polycarbonate roofs, ranging from 25mm to 35mm in thickness. This obviously has a huge impact on how well insulated your conservatory is. Glass options may look expensive but with increased thermal properties and anti-solar coatings a glass conservatory roof really does make the world of difference to a daily use, year-round conservatory.

Another part of your conservatory build which has cost implications is the ground works for the base. There are two options – digging foundations and steel bases. Digging foundations is labor intensive and requires a good deal of care in ensuring that you stick to the base plans. A steel conservatory base is a pre-fabricated kit which is easily pieced together on site. This does not require that full foundations are dug, simply a small number of concrete pads on which the feet of the frame are placed. A steel base saves time, disruption and can also provide access to manhole covers via a trap door, saving on re-routing the drainage pipes.

Deciding on Your Conservatory Supplier

When investing a large sum of money it’s always worthwhile shopping around, not only for price but also service. If you’re building your own DIY conservatory you need to not only have faith in the kit you receive but in any technical support you may need along the way. Does the conservatory kit include all fixtures and fittings? Is a guarantee offered? How long have they been established? Are independent references available? By the time you have some conservatory quotes, you will have a feel for how helpful the company is and how quickly they respond.

When it comes to buying your DIY conservatory, you may be fortunate enough to be paying in full in cash, but finance options are often available for home improvements. These can often be arranged through your bank, or the conservatory supplier may have alternative payment options, ranging from interest free credit to buy now pay later.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to go shopping for your DIY conservatory.

Thelma Anderson

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