A Dish of Advice on Dish Displays

Dish Display

Dish displays have always been a traditional country style mostly seen in older homes or homes in rural areas. While many view hanging dishes as a post-dated trend, when done tastefully and appropriately the look can take a modern appeal.

A Dish of Advice on Dish Displays

Most dish displays are plagued by contrasting design schemes and, at worst, tacky designs on the actual dishes.
Portraits of kittens and long faded television stars are no longer considered vogue or chic. Instead, dishes decorated in a minimalist design of small flowers or brightly painted patterns are the popular way to go when choosing what to hang.

Taste is the key when using dish displays. It is important to keep the entire room in mind and use patterns that do not clash or draw attention to the displays.

They are used to accent the walls and should not be the center focus. In a room sparse of color, do not choose plates with vivid bursts of color, instead, choose a more vintage look with antique white and perhaps light pinks or blues, but only as long as it fits in the overall design scheme.

Luckily, there are a few creative display options so the plates do not have to be flat against the wall. This makes the display more interesting and gives it character and personality which separates it from other wall hangings.
Holders shaped as small trees allow plates to be displayed on ‘branches’ complete with small iron leaves. These holders come in an array of colors, but the most popular are white.

Other arrangements can be done such as a circular pattern or diagonal. Try hanging the plates in unusual places and do not take cue from the local Italian restaurant; these plates do not have to be displayed in the dining room or eating areas.

Dish displays are no longer for grandmas. Using taste and common sense, anyone can hang dishes in a fashion that will be unique, new, and inventive.

Thelma Anderson

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