Declutter Your Life – Simplicity is the Key

Declutter Your Life

Why do we collect so much clutter in your life? If you would like to live more simply, you could choose to declutter your life. It will make you feel much better by freeing up physical space and emotional clutter.

It will make us feel much better and allow us to live more simply. Clutter may seem such a silly problem to have but it can easily take its toll on us both emotionally and physically.


Reducing Material Possessions

Our lives are often filled with material possessions and part of decluttering your life is to reduce the amount of material possessions that we own.

Collectors and Hoarders

By nature, we as human beings seem to be collectors or hoarders. In fact some of our hobbies revolve around collecting items. We have our China ware collection, our favorite books collection, the kids soft toy collection, and our prized collection of things we bought whilst on holiday.

Then off course, there are all those presents that we received from family and friends. Everyone thought that we could do with an extra kitchen appliance, an extra item of clothing, something for the garden, something for our new living room or new office, and the list is endless.

The Emotional Toll of Too Much Clutter

Whenever we step into our house, too much clutter around us can make us feel stressed out and emotionally tired. Overcoming procrastination to reduce clutter in our house can also be a battle.

No sooner than we have stepped into the door, that we find ourselves tripping over something in the bedroom as we were on our way to going somewhere to find something that we just can’t seem to locate.

So clutter can affect us physically as well. Hopefully it is nothing more serious than a stubbed toe. But why have our house in this state when we can have it clutter free?

Assess Your Relationship with Material Possessions

It might be time to review your values and assess your relationship with material items. We usually have an attachment to material items because of its association with something or someone. If someone that we are close to give us something special for our birthday, it is likely that we are going to be sentimental about it and not feel that we can throw it away.

If we are trying to succeed at advancing in our career and have bought lots of personal development books to study topic A, B & C, then we associate having these books as essential to succeeding in our goal to be successful with our career. There is nothing wrong with collecting books, but if we keep buying more and more books, our house is going to look like a book shop someday.

Buy Less Stuff

We might decide to change our approach to buying things and find innovative ways to achieve the same goals. For example, as an alternative, you could consider making use of the resources at your local library. That way, we can borrow out and read a few books. When done with reading the book, we can return it to our library.

We often find ourselves buying stuff, but down the track our circumstances change and we no find use for it. This situation can often apply to hobbies that we get into. Whether it be setting up an aquarium in our living room or buying home gym equipment, we may find that down the track we are no longer pursuing these hobbies. So now is the time to simplify your life and get rid of items we no longer need.

Live Clutter Free in Your Home

Once we lift the burden from ourselves of collecting clutter, we will find a renewed approach to living clutter free in our home. What a relief it is to be able to walk easily through our home without bumping into anything, or running around trying to find a place to store the next latest kitchen gadget that we bought on sale.

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