Isn’t it time you had a Declutter Day?

Declutter Day

Having a declutter day is an ideal way to get started on reducing or completely eliminating clutter in your home.

It’s a special day that you set aside to get rid of clutter in your home. So let’s get started with getting organized to have a successful declutter day.

Involve Family Members

It’s a great idea to get family members involved to declutter and organize their own possessions. Get each member of the family to decide what to keep and what to throw away. It’s important that they be involved in the decision making process and take ownership of their possessions.

Assign Responsibility

Each member of the family should be assigned a specific room to organize. The kids can be responsible for cleaning up and reducing clutter in their own rooms.

Collect Boxes

Prepare for your clutter clearing day ahead of time by collecting boxes that you can use to sort items. If you work in an office, you can always find spare boxes lying around to bring home for your cleanup day. Or you can always collect boxes at your local supermarket.

Hire a Skip Bin

If you plan on throwing away a lot of junk, consider hiring a skip bin so that you can throw things out for collection and disposal. Otherwise, you may find yourself creating extra piles of clutter in your living room whilst you are waiting to get rid of all that clutter.

Set Realistic Goals

The key to organizing your home on this specific day is to set realistic goals. You are not going to be able to declutter your whole house in one day. So set yourself some realistic goals. Perhaps you might decide that you can realistically organize one or two rooms for the day.

Getting Stuff Done

If you organize one room and your husband clears no other room, that will be already two rooms that are decluttered. And if the kids clear their own rooms, then the kids’ rooms will also be organized. That’s great progress for a day’s work.

Throw Away Junk

Now that you have collected your boxes or skip bin, the main task ahead is to throw away any clutter.  Clutter comes in many forms and can be eliminated quite easily if you consider the item at hand.

Similar Items

If you have more than one item that achieves the same purpose, throw those extra items away. There is no point having three kitchen blenders if you only use 1 blender regularly.

Old Items

Another category of items that you should be throwing away are old items. If you have been using the same nonstick pan for years and years, and it is no longer serving its purpose, throw it away. There is no point keeping old items that are worn out and no longer operational.

Broken Items

You should also throw away broken items. If you were planning to fix up your old TV or old computer and never got around to it, chances are likely that you will never get around to fixing it. Best to do yourself a favor and throw it away. Unfortunately, these days we live in a throwaway society and sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new item than to try and have it repaired.

Having a declutter day is a great way to organize your home and purge clutter and junk.

Thelma Anderson

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