Tricks to Declutter and Organize Your Life

Declutter and Organize

The two must do actions that you need to take to create a well-organized home are to declutter and organize. Being organized means that every item in our home has a specific location, and that we can easily find things when we need them.


Getting organized in one’s home is no mean feat. It may take a declutter day or two to get organized. But once we implement systems to get organized and keep organized it really makes life simple.

Here are some useful tips on decluttering:

Organize your Home Room by Room

Every room has a purpose and the way we get organized needs to match closely the function of the room we are trying to organize. If you are trying to declutter your kitchen, you need to remind yourself that the main function of your kitchen is for preparing food. That means, the utensils that you need to cook need to be readily on hand and easy to find. And that also means that the ingredients for your meals need to be well stocked and easy to find.

Have a Declutter Day

The clutter has accumulated over the years and you will need to set aside some dedicated time to clear all that clutter. Have a declutter day and get the whole family involved. Get the kids to take ownership by decluttering their own room. You will hear groans from the kids but it has got to be done.

Throw Away, Throw Away, Throw Away

One of the keys to reducing clutter is to throw things away. Some people have a habit of never ever throwing anything away. If you are one of these people, you will have to start throwing things away to achieve your goal of having a neat and clean home.

Resist the Urge to Buy More Stuff

What I mean here is resisting the urge to buy more stuff. If you have just had a declutter day, do you really one to have one anytime soon? Well, if you continue to buy stuff at a lightning pace, you may well find yourself having another declutter day to get rid of all that new stuff you just bought.

Utilizing Storage is the key to Getting Organized

Having efficient storage is the key to getting organized. It’s not really how much storage you have, but it is really about making the best use of your existing storage. Granted the fact that maybe your home has inadequate storage. But in most cases, you can always improve the functionality of your existing storage.

Get Professional Help

If it’s all too much for you to declutter your home and you are feeling a touch overwhelmed, it may be time to get some expert help.

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