The chic and combination of earth tones in your bedroom

earth tones in your bedroom

What are the different ways in which you can decorate your bedroom, using earth tones?

A way of making your bedroom a haven from the outside world

Lots of times, we want bedrooms that are different in every respect, be it the color, the arrangement of the furniture or the decorations around. This is the kind of bedroom that will allow you to do so.

Let us begin with the walls. It is not the typical painted wall that you encounter here. But, the use of wall paper that enables one to get the right kind of patterns and also the color combination. The wall paper has an exotic design to it and also a neat enough combination of brown and cream which allows the right color play.

The wood platform and the soft mattress on top are different from the beds that one usually has in the bedroom. You could get yourself a wooden platform with the headrest made and then buy a good never to get lumpy mattress for it. The side tables are the right height too. Therefore, with this kind of bedding you will be comfortably able to lounge around and relax.

If you want to get the right kind of lighting that reflects the earthy color hues throughout the room and provides adequate amounts of lighting, then you must use these tall lamps by the side. The wide base and the narrow poles and the dotted lampshade is reminiscence of toadstools in a fairytale. This is one bedroom that will transport you into an enchanted fairytale kind of scenario, what with the picture mounted on the wall behind. It reinforces the color theme and has a road leading you towards a faint building in the background. This kind of picture will be a pleasure to look at and mull over which road life is taking you down, something like the road not taken.

The wooden flooring adds on to the color theme but with a different texture and design. The stripes on the flooring enable the other designs to stand out. If you are looking to put together a bedroom that will be inspiring and yet allow you to leave all your worries behind that this is the kind that you might want to put together.

Thelma Anderson

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