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Walter Wall Decor

Walter Wall Decor

An empty wall can be the scourge of any well designed room. Instead of using the traditional framed art or photographs of family, look into some modern art designs.

Walter Wall Decor is a great way to spice up any room. The Wall Decor is light, affordable, and customizable. Ready to be painted in any color or pattern of your choice, all you have to do is peel away the back and apply it where needed.

For those decorating independently and especially on a budget, this wall decor can be just what the design doctor ordered. They come in a variety of styles perfect for any room.

Children will enjoy the butterfly or fish design as a more retro style such as the Hex wall decor or starburst design that will look great in the living or dining room. The most attractive part of the Walter Wall Decor is the numerous opportunities for decorating; being ready to paint by the designer will ensure that the decoration will fit in with any room no matter the style.

The decor adds a sense of texture and whimsy to the room that draws attention and starts conversations.

Decorating can be hard work, and finding that perfect item to add light to any room is even harder. Walter Wall Decor provides the perfect accent for any room and at such great prices is ideal for decorators on a budget.
They are convertible and customizable ensuring that the room will benefit from the Walter Wall Decors.

Stylish Wall Papers for a Modern Dining Room

Stylish Wall Papers for a Modern Dining Room

The chic and elegance of the combination of black and white in your dining room:

Question: What is the key to getting the best kind of dining room in the latest color combination of white and black?
What are the different ways in which you can decorate your dining room, using only the colors black and white?
Well, if you have always loved the superb color combination of black and white then you will not be able to resist the dramatic impact and effect that this dining room can create.

The huge and beautiful and different kind of contemporary mosaic or fresco that is created on one complete wall ensures that you don’t need to worry about adding any further decorations on the wall. The amazing way the color combination of black and white has been used can never enable one to have enough of this oh so cool looking dining room.

You will certainly love the chic and sophistication that the color combination of black and white will provide you with the tables and chairs done in that too. Now, if you feel that you have had just a wee too much of that color then the flooring in dark brown wood will give the right kind of color change to your eyes.

You will certainly find this combination a hard buy to resist with the right kind of lighting overhead. This adds to the right play of light and shadow and sets the mood to get your digestive juices working.

This dining room gives one the great idea of putting the colors black and white together to good use and the best thing is that will never ever go out of fashion

The bland walls on the other end of the dining table is a design that is bold and yet subtle enough to make a style statement. The white Venetian blinds on the other end of the wall allows the right amount of natural light to stream into the dining room and accentuate the features of the minimalistic look.

Along with that you have the simple and minimalist furniture, for added impact. The crisp, clean straight lines of the furniture, along with the chairs, that have rounded backrests reminding one of the Victorian era.

The dining room looks oh so soothing and yet stylish and chic that you will certainly want to mirror this style for yourself. In case you feel like adding any other color it could be easily added to the color palette as any color easily gels with black and white.
So, bon appetite!

Baby Room Ideas

Baby Room Ideas

Decorating a nursery for baby boy but not in the conventional all blue

Question: What could be the different nursery decoration ideas for blue and other colors along with it?
What color scheme should I follow for a nursery which must have blue but not too much of it?

The birth of a new baby is a new beginning in one’s life and one would like to decorate the nursery accordingly. Since times immemorial one has been used to blue for a baby boy. Well, if you must have blue then you could try this unconventional blue — not the usual blue that is associated with baby boys.

The bright blue on one wall along with stark white on the other walls and the white furniture and rug makes this a nursery that is traditional and yet so very contemporarily decorated.

If you know that babies need the right color stimulus in the form of primary colors then you will be able to offer your little one just that by adding the color splashed be the quilts, toys and books.

This color scheme ensures that you have not got tied down by the soft blue color scheme that is always used for baby boys. The contrasts that are offered to you by the use of bright blue and harmonizing and soothing white that has been predominantly used will ensure that you baby is lulled to sleep just by looking at the things around.

The white crib made of the sturdy wood is rightly matched with the drawer closet at one end and the open shelves close by. The white crib of course occupies a pride of place and the hanging mobile in white and the other subtle colors all around it will be enough to distract your precious baby and give it the right colorful things to look at.

Once the baby starts crawling and does not want to be confined to the crib all the time you can put it to play on the white rug. All the soft toys around will ensure a safe play area. All the furniture is nursery furniture and has no sharp edges that the baby might bump into as it grows and begins to explore it environment. So, if you want to decorate your baby’s nursery in blue, but not the conventional way, then why not try out the main theme in blue and white and plenty of splashes of other colors all over. You will love it, and so will be your baby!