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Types of Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes

Moving is inevitably happened in everybody’s life, from city to city, country to country for every kind of reasons.  One big problem with moving a new house for the safe transport of all your goods are related, are not damaged in the process of transition. This is especially important if you have a lot of fragile items. Type of moving boxes you choose will play an important role, whether or not your goods arrive at their new house safely.

There are two main differences between the moving boxes and many other cases:

  1. Moving boxes are built tougher than the usual cardboard box. Cardboard is usually measured with two different scales: one is Edge Crush Test, another is  Burst Strength Test,  moving box always have higher score than other boxes in those two tests.
  2. Moving boxes are included in specific projects to solve specific problems related to the movement, for example, wardrobe boxes, dish packs, file boxes, archive boxes, furniture box, etc.. If there has free safety box or used boxes for moving, you might need to check the stamps on the box bottoms to see if they meet the standards for strength, and to keep an eye out for the specialty boxes. Make sure to make them in good shape and condition for your upcoming moving.

There are 2 types of moving boxes, the most common one is standard cardboard box. This type of box is suitable for items that hardly broken, such as clothing, towels and sheets. If you pay your attention you will find them in the local shops are used for moving. Now sturdy boxes for transportation is much cheaper to buy. Stable boxes and other materials, shipping now available in various sizes and prices available for the experience of movement easy and stress free. Store used cardboard boxes in your  storage, you can save money to move to a new home as well as take good use of them.

Another type of moving box is plastic container,  which is very useful when moving into a new home. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic containers offer more protection for your mobile phone items from your hard drive and more. If you like things that have fragile items in transit, it must be placed in a plastic container to move in case any damage from outside. In addition, you should put some packing material placed inside the container reserve units of the division between them to protect items damage each other during transportation.

No matter where you go, the most important things to remember when you move you need choose valid and reliable moving boxes, safe and ensure that your goods safety. Packaging is an important factor you should concerned when it moves, good quality, durable moving boxes are very important if you need to move.

Impacts of Product Packaging on Environment

Product Packaging

People see how to use all these different ingredients in the product packaging that are harmful to the environment as well as dangerous impact on our health. Development of various diseases such as cancer and other mutations associated with these pollutants we are exposed every day. This led people to be better informed about the environment and the use of more environmentally friendly product, including green packaging.

Product packaging plays a vital role in marketing and selling the product. But it also hurt the environment, here are some packing materials and the impact on the environment.

Plastic packaging- the material most commonly used for packaging of cosmetics. More plastic bottles, tubes, club cream, etc., have attractive shapes and colors, so that people leave their impact on the environment. The chemical composition of plastic that prevents it from going through the natural process of degradation. In general, cosmetic packaging is preferred for its flexibility and lightness. But in reality, is a hazardous material because of its widespread use due to the accumulation of plastic waste pollution in the environment, consumption of fossil resources, high levels of energy consumption in the production and migration of polymers and additives in food and elsewhere .

Paper packaging -another material commonly used for packaging, a major factor in deforestation is the mass market requirements, generally 3.5 pounds of wood are required for one pound of paperboard. The packaging industry consumes large amounts of paper, which contributes significantly to deforestation.

Why the product packaging is so important? Let’s take food packaging for example, in general, the packaging is designed to protect food against environmental conditions throughout its life cycle and distributed to consumers. The package keeps the product clean and protects it from dust and other contaminants. It also prevents damage that can occur during treatment during transport and distribution. The package protects the water as food, light, insects and rodents etc.If packaging is attractive to the eye, the product is sold in a hurry.

What we can do to reduce the impact of product packaging on environment? Recycling has been proved the most effective way to reduce environmental degradation.  While plastic and paper will reduce the damage is only a small part of it. Plastics recycling means higher costs and limited benefits in reducing environmental degradation and diversion of resources from waste. For paper recycling,  water and energy consumption during the recycling process causes the depletion of water and increasing greenhouse gas emissions. So recycling together with reduction of using product packaging is the only solution for our environment.

Benefits and Uses of Carton Boxes

Carton Boxes

The carton boxes are designed for different purposes,  but in industry, they are particularly used for packaging. There are different types of boxes for different types of containers. Different shapes, sizes and materials of the boxes depend on what they carried.

Specialist groups working on the project to ensure the customer receives carton boxes that  to meet their needs. Teams work on developing appropriate boxes related with their usage. It requires a very special group who know their craft. A team of quality control in each batch of raw materials used for production. This ensures that only the highest quality materials are always used in the manufacture of boxes.

Carton boxes are light weight,  good performance, suitable for printing, it is easy to change the size and the sale of goods and has stack simple and automated operation, the product is a good protective effect, sold a number of advantages for the paper products packaging and generally a series of annual growth rates. However, heavy use, but also exposed the lack of carton packaging, such as by moisture to reduce the compressive strength, performance, growth and decline over time and many other shortcomings are better than other packaging.

When shopping, youll notice that most of the products are packed in carton boxes. For many people, the only useful if they contain other valuable products, which was bought in shops. When she got home, it always being throwed away, because they probably do not need it anymore. On the other hand, there may be many uses for packaging, including boxes, if one takes into account several things. For example, where there is heavy rain, there is a broad spectrum of these materials. Children and young people always have many uses for them. One of the most common uses for a rainy day could be used as a roof.

Carton boxes also have a number of uses in other purposes, with the exception of  above usages they can also be used as packaging material of the second hand used, especially in situations where we need to make small gifts for our friends on the spot in a beautiful way. In a good mood, the kids can always use the materials and where they are hiding. You can also materials such as tables, they put their toys in the game. This means that the materials have a number of purposes, if they are in good condition. Technically, the thickness of the recycled cardboard being used is determined according to the item it is meant for.

Carton Industry in China

Carton Industry

2011,  there is no illusion that has the energy, transport, communications, and a monopoly and huge profits in the carton box industry, all kind of industry suffered from the financial crisis and monetary tightening policy of the government, companies in carton industry cannot afford a loss. As an international financial crisis in October 2010 after the price of cardboard decreased from 3,000 yuan per ton to 2,600 yuan. But the decline in prices lasted only half the time of the month, prices have started to ship in October 2008, again on a level.

Increased since the beginning of 2010 to date, prices and higher box, preprinted linerboard per ton increased from 600 yuan to 2550 yuan per ton of crepe paper up to 2850 yuan per ton of cardboard has risen to 3,800 yuan from 3650 yuan. After the Spring Festival Liner Council is expected to reach 4,000 yuan per ton.

A page from the price of cardboard boxes on one side of the orders UDF move downward pressure on prices. Now, with two types of cardboard factory user, a mass of users, such as Mengniu, Yili and so on, many of their orders face. The box factory, in the hope that such an order, you can play full, give to the role of the production line. However, these users have learned to cope with a cardboard factory. You know that there are so many plants, cardboard, enough to eat, take care not to unclaimed orders. In such a situation, often through the annual auction, to the food manufacturer of cardboard boxes. In the turmoil of the intense competition in the auction, though prices are already on board, if the jobs can be profitable, there are more dry plant boxes have the courage to go live bids. The softer side to reach the goal of reducing costs, suffered only cardboard factory in the throat into the stomach.

To survive, companies improve their boxes, the same can be said that every effort is made: the introduction of modern production lines of corrugated board and the introduction of scientific management, staff training, improving the quality of the product and so on. In recent years the corrugated industry in China has out of the hands and style semi-automatic method of production, with over 4,000 modern production line corrugated cardboard. Now the Board has a clear change in the past in science, energy efficiency, or both, are the use of paper, the enterprise content management, and also the edge of the exact calculation of the losses.

Then, determine the business decisions of the Board, which rise and fall? A: The box-factory prices of cardboard and end users. You may wonder what effect the price of the cardboard? Rising prices for raw materials, products, and then the law of market economy etc., however, China is a special situation where the prices may have increased, cardboard, not to get cardboard, or the prices to be relatively low.

The temporary facility is buying a second user-Box customers out of cardboard, or start with a small amount of test users. These users by the purchaser due to the frequent trading relationships to be sent between the carton factory, an expert in negotiation and cardboard factories which covered many times as accommodation for families through a list, whose advice line that the real estate family of corrugated cardboard, which properties of the family of the main document. If the application is high on the tab system, you will say, field crops is lower than the prices is not dried, lower prices and less. The box factory in Dalian, a responsible person said, the lack of production problems in the field of telecommunications, a punishment that will not take life too little , but then lost. The reality is that the cases of commodity prices, the price of cartons, or may not continue to speak very briefly, so the economic benefits.

carton box

The prices of the producers on board, a fatal blow. In South China cardboard production line of corporate governance practices and the relatively high production goals. In 2010, the output of more than 4200 billion yuan, the contribution of tax revenue for the government to 2 million and cardboard have to eliminate prices exceeded 150 million yuan by the end of the plan calculation. Leader in general reflects the box industry standard for performance should be able to achieve 6%, but the reality is that investors have a difficult year, get rid of taxes, the cost price of the cost of food and normal activities, at the end of calculations of profits may less than 1%, coinciding with the loss.

China Packaging Federation paper packaging Committee noted that the cardboard packaging company in China and the companies upstream and downstream users should be the formation of the industrial chain of mutual advantage, but is now a peer and balance. The distribution of this situation would inevitably lead to a positive development in the carton industry.

It has been established for over two years, the Committee has done a great job to coordinate, but the effect is not very clear.  Due to the trilateral cooperation in the hope that the inflated price and price per box will contain effectively reduced consumption behavior with healthy and orderly development of the industry.

Free Carton Box Packaging Design Software

Carton Box

Recently Packmage CAD software released a brand new beta version for free carton box packaging design, unlike other software such as esko, cimpack and adobe illustrator, it has changed the packaging design process.

Packmage CAD offers a rich box template library with classifications, user search keywords to get the box templates he want,  then edit the size according to customers requirements, which means user only need to input parameter values to get the box design down. It has improve the efficiency greatly especially to the users who do not own packaging design software skills. It intend to make the design of non-structural innovative box templates more simple, fast and standardized. All the box templates in its library can be used in the Parametric design module, user only need to input length, width, depth and other parameters related to box templates to get the box structural design done in seconds. The box template structural design draft can be exported as PDF、DXF format which can be imported into Photoshop、Illustrator、CorelDRAW、AutoCAD and other softwares. In the library, box templates can be displayed as unfolding, folding and half-folding status with explanations which facilitate users greatly.

Although it isnt power enough like other packaging design software, it could meet commonly packaging design work of the designers. Furthermore, the software is free, users only need to pay the box template license fee which is extremely save the cost for people especially for small packaging business, usually they have only about 10 box templates all the time, others means nothing to them, if they buy a packaging design software which could increase their cost. With Packmage CAD software, they can check the box templates they want in the library then pay for the related license,  not only save time but also save money.

Once user modified the values of the box template in Packmage CAD, they can import the graphic design to match with the structural design, then they can check both the 3D blank simple and color simple of the box with high definition. With the 3D module, designer can check his design work comprehensively, no matter there’s any flaw in the corner or inside and outside of the box, it could be found immediately during 3D box modeling process.

Step and Repeat module matches the single die graphics with box template structural design then step and repeat the die graphics, after that Packmage CAD rendering the graphic design into single die graphic to output the die cut template and printing template file. This module can improve accuracy、 work efficiency and ensure die cut template file consist with printing template file. The module offers smart array and manual step and repeat methods.

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