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How To Select Your Garden Furniture

How To Select Your Garden Furniture

If you are going to take your garden seriously, there are a few items that you have to do. This first thing to do is work out a plan of how you want your garden to look like. This is easily done using graph paper or the more artistic may choose to sketch it. Then you need to landscape your garden according to your plan, although you can adjust your plan as you go. After all, you are the boss. Put in any electric cables and water pipes that you might need. Put up your shed and greenhouse, if required then you can start planting and start to select your garden furniture.

The purpose of this article is to help you select your garden furniture. There is so much choice of garden furniture that it can be quite difficult to make up your mind. Do you go for hardwood, softwood, metal or plastic?

Which color and which style?

Some of your choice will be restricted, if you are on a budget, but in truth, over the long term of twenty or thirty years, hardwood is the cheapest option and plastic the most expensive. Over the short term, two to five years, the opposite is true.

Whether you want armchairs or recliners is certainly up to you and so outside the scope of this article, so is the style that you prefer, although I will say that the most successful choice of garden furniture should blend in with the garden rather than stick out like a sore thumb. Plastic tends to look alright on a patio or deck, but rarely goes well with a garden full of pretty plants and bushes, whereas hardwood garden furniture tends to fit in well everywhere. You need to be a bit careful with softwood and metal.

In a way, it is a good idea to approach choosing your garden furniture in the your same way that you would select the furniture for inside your home. It has to blend in with your overall style.

Therefore, you might want to put off purchasing your garden furniture until you get your first crop of flowers up, unless you can imagine it in your mind. The only trouble with waiting for Spring is that that is when garden furniture is at its most costly.

Ask yourself what you anticipate doing in the area where you are planning putting your furniture. Are you and the family just going to flop there after work and on weekends or are you going to hold more formal garden parties there? If you are going to have guests, it should be large enough for the number you expect and the furniture should be strong enough so that it will not give way under some of the heavier guests. If it is just for the family at least you are dealing with known information: how big they are and how many of them there are.

Another aspect to bear in mind is maintenance. Plastic does not have to be taken care of, but it will perish – become brittle – after a couple of hot summers and cold winters. You can prolong the life of your plastic garden furniture by storing it in a shed when not in use. Metal garden furniture might require anti-rust treatment from time to time and if the seat is made of fabric, you should also check for signs of rot, which could lead to someone falling through the chair.

Softwood needs to be treated with preservative, paint, varnish or oil fairly often and you should check for signs of rot or splitting, which can still come about no matter how much you take care of it. Hardwood garden furniture needs to be treated once a year as well, but it is by far the most robust material used for constructing garden furniture.

Plastic and metal furniture come in many colors; softwood can be painted or stained any color you like and hardwood comes in all shades of brown from light oak to rich dark mahogany, but it should never be painted only oiled and stained, if you want to.

If you select hardwood, it can be a bit hard on the posterior after a couple hours, so buy a few cushions that match the color and style of your garden furniture as well. These can be stored inside when not in use or they will become incredibly dirty and if they get wet it can take days for them to dry, during which time they may begin to rot and smell. Removable cushion covers are a good idea.

Revealed- The Advantages of Teak Garden Furniture

Advantages Of Teak Garden Furniture

It cannot be denied that gardens provide an aura of relaxation and peace that no other place in the house can. While gardens are generally built for the display and culture of plants and other forms of nature; these have also become witnesses to many important occasions and events as well. In fact, one of the most popular weddings today is a garden wedding. Aside from the carefree feeling that one experiences in gardens, the vast outdoor space provides a certain degree of freedom as well. Thus, for most occasions that require more space and lots of fresh air, gardens are the best alternative for these.

In decorating gardens, some of the considerations include size, style, and the furnishings. One of the most important garden furnishings is the furniture. Choosing the perfect garden furniture is not easy at all. With the wide variety of choices that are available, deciding is indeed a pretty difficult task. However, if you know what you want and what you need, you can reduce your choices to the number of available options for your preferences.

Since gardens depict natural surroundings, it is just but fitting to furnish it with furniture pieces that are made from natural materials as well. Wood is one of the most likely materials for garden furniture. There are many varieties of wood that can be chosen for garden furniture. However, one of the most popular wood furniture is teak. Teak furniture is preferred by many people because of its unique qualities.

Since the Middle Ages,

teak has been used as furniture material because of its being water repellent. This characteristic of teak is attributed to its high oil content. Thus, teak furniture does not easily rot like other wood furniture. Moreover, it is also resistant to insect infestation. In other words, teak can be excellent garden furniture because of these qualities.

In addition, teak furniture is also famous for its rich warm color and satiny surface. One of the amazing things about teak furniture is that it turns into a mellow gray tone as it ages and weathers. Thus, seasoned teak furniture is recognizable by its distinct gray tone. However, some people prefer retaining the original warm color of teak furniture which can be done by applying annual coats of teak oil.

Today, finding the perfect teak garden furniture is not that difficult at all. There are many different styles and designs of tea garden furniture that are available in the market. In fact, to add to your convenience, teak furniture is even available online. Thus, you can just conveniently choose the teak garden furniture that you like without having through all the trouble of going to the store yourself. In addition, some of these online furniture stores that offer teak garden furniture even offer free delivery, or minimum delivery charge to selected areas. So, if you want your garden to look its best, choose the perfect teak garden furniture.

Garden Furniture? Suits Every Need

Garden Furniture

As the name suggests, Garden Furniture is meant for use in open space and gardens where a group of people sit together and have their meals while enjoying the benefits of green nature and fresh air. People use this type of furniture in outdoor parties, picnic, vacation and any type of public gatherings including different occasions. The umbrella, a part of the garden furniture sets is built in, attached with the table is a handy item which protects from harmful sun heat, they can be folded and shifted from one table to another easily. Patio furniture also contains fire pit and heater useful in winter nights for those who want to stay at outdoors in during nights. Hotels and restaurants including amusement parks these days provide a new pleasure of open air dinner to their guest by arranging seating accommodation on their roof tops and gardens using garden furniture.

Garden furniture is available in different types, depending on the materials used.

They come in different looks, styles, shapes and color which match the place they are being used for. The different materials used for furniture are wood, metal including Iron and Aluminum, plastic, wicker made of Palm tree stems, synthetic resin and plastic fiber.

Different people have different preferences including budgets and the furniture these days is made keeping these things in mind. Metal and wood furniture is heavy and skid-free where as Plastic furniture is light weigh, easily movable and durable but they can slip on slippery ground. Wood was the main ingredient in furniture making with the use of heavy teak wood.

This trend is now diminishing as people now prefer simple light weigh furniture which comes in different colors and types within reasonable price.

Metal furniture, made of Iron or Aluminum is also in use but they require regular maintenance to avoid corrosion and rust apart from being costly. They cannot be kept outside in adverse weather conditions. Wood furniture also requires regular maintenance and proper handling to prevent them from getting damaged in rainy season or hot and humid conditions. Garden Furniture made of plastic or plastic product; including synthetic resin does not require much maintenance and can be kept out in any weather condition without any effect. When we talk of durability, plastic furniture scores high in comparison with wood or metal furniture.

DIY Conservatory Prices

If you’re thinking of building a DIY conservatory to your house, you should sit down and give it some thought first, especially when it comes to cost.

Building a DIY conservatory is a considerable investment of time and money, whether you do it yourself or use a builder. Just as with a self build home, a self build conservatory costs a lot less than buying an off the shelf conservatory with installation. The key is to fully understand the scale the task and to cost each part out accordingly.

Tuscan Bedroom Furniture

Tuscan Bedroom Furniture

Tuscan Bedroom Furniture

Can I put together a Tuscan master bedroom which has the right amounts of elegance and finesse to it?
This is the kind of bedroom that will enable you to partake off the Tuscan charm of rolling hills, vast countryside and the bricks that remind one, of the Italian heritage that brought it to this part of the world.

The exposed beams in brown weathered wood add the right kind of rustic and natural charm from the ceiling. The bed made of worn wood has a light shade blue and white bedcover with matching pillow covers. The bedcover is so very symbolic of the kind that is used in farmhouses, rough cotton and yet soft to touch with the just washed feel and smell to it.

This emphasizes the simplicity of the Tuscan farmhouses. The table on the side of the bed has a wrought iron lamp stand with a lamp shade in the same color as the walls.

The walls have been done in a matching earth tone shade of cream that highlights the dark brown of the furniture and the beams on top. The window frames are made of wood and the windows let in natural light aplenty. The drawer chest in one corner of the room gives the right time-worn look to the room.

The photographs arranged in a collage on the chest give it the right kind of personalization and warmth to this bedroom. The comfortable armchairs that is oh so very inviting to sink into and pass the day away reading a book or listening to one’s favorite music or to entertain really close friends in. The white upholstery accentuates the simplicity of this room.

There might be lace trimmings to it in order to add further to the old world charm of the Tuscan countryside theme. The overall color theme used is soothing and calming to the most frayed of nerves.

This bedroom has a lot of white and cream which are predominant colors in Tuscany. The rough and well-worn wood that has been used throughout adds to create the warmth and comfort so very essential in a bedroom.

Moreover, it is extremely simple to create this kind of a Tuscany inspired master bedroom. It helps to create the most simplistic and old world charm in one’s bedroom a haven to retire to at the end of each tiring and stress filled day. It will be your very own private getaway with your partner away from the urban chaos and commotion outside. The moment you draw the blinds you are transported to your very own relaxing and comforting zone. The room is so much uncluttered that you will always feel energized and in control of any situation. Hence, it’s easy to transport yourself all the way to Tuscany.