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Tricks to Declutter and Organize Your Life

Declutter and Organize

The two must do actions that you need to take to create a well-organized home are to declutter and organize. Being organized means that every item in our home has a specific location, and that we can easily find things when we need them.


Getting organized in one’s home is no mean feat. It may take a declutter day or two to get organized. But once we implement systems to get organized and keep organized it really makes life simple.

Here are some useful tips on decluttering:

Organize your Home Room by Room

Every room has a purpose and the way we get organized needs to match closely the function of the room we are trying to organize. If you are trying to declutter your kitchen, you need to remind yourself that the main function of your kitchen is for preparing food. That means, the utensils that you need to cook need to be readily on hand and easy to find. And that also means that the ingredients for your meals need to be well stocked and easy to find.

Have a Declutter Day

The clutter has accumulated over the years and you will need to set aside some dedicated time to clear all that clutter. Have a declutter day and get the whole family involved. Get the kids to take ownership by decluttering their own room. You will hear groans from the kids but it has got to be done.

Throw Away, Throw Away, Throw Away

One of the keys to reducing clutter is to throw things away. Some people have a habit of never ever throwing anything away. If you are one of these people, you will have to start throwing things away to achieve your goal of having a neat and clean home.

Resist the Urge to Buy More Stuff

What I mean here is resisting the urge to buy more stuff. If you have just had a declutter day, do you really one to have one anytime soon? Well, if you continue to buy stuff at a lightning pace, you may well find yourself having another declutter day to get rid of all that new stuff you just bought.

Utilizing Storage is the key to Getting Organized

Having efficient storage is the key to getting organized. It’s not really how much storage you have, but it is really about making the best use of your existing storage. Granted the fact that maybe your home has inadequate storage. But in most cases, you can always improve the functionality of your existing storage.

Get Professional Help

If it’s all too much for you to declutter your home and you are feeling a touch overwhelmed, it may be time to get some expert help.

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Declutter Your Life – Simplicity is the Key

Declutter Your Life

Why do we collect so much clutter in your life? If you would like to live more simply, you could choose to declutter your life. It will make you feel much better by freeing up physical space and emotional clutter.

It will make us feel much better and allow us to live more simply. Clutter may seem such a silly problem to have but it can easily take its toll on us both emotionally and physically.


Reducing Material Possessions

Our lives are often filled with material possessions and part of decluttering your life is to reduce the amount of material possessions that we own.

Collectors and Hoarders

By nature, we as human beings seem to be collectors or hoarders. In fact some of our hobbies revolve around collecting items. We have our China ware collection, our favorite books collection, the kids soft toy collection, and our prized collection of things we bought whilst on holiday.

Then off course, there are all those presents that we received from family and friends. Everyone thought that we could do with an extra kitchen appliance, an extra item of clothing, something for the garden, something for our new living room or new office, and the list is endless.

The Emotional Toll of Too Much Clutter

Whenever we step into our house, too much clutter around us can make us feel stressed out and emotionally tired. Overcoming procrastination to reduce clutter in our house can also be a battle.

No sooner than we have stepped into the door, that we find ourselves tripping over something in the bedroom as we were on our way to going somewhere to find something that we just can’t seem to locate.

So clutter can affect us physically as well. Hopefully it is nothing more serious than a stubbed toe. But why have our house in this state when we can have it clutter free?

Assess Your Relationship with Material Possessions

It might be time to review your values and assess your relationship with material items. We usually have an attachment to material items because of its association with something or someone. If someone that we are close to give us something special for our birthday, it is likely that we are going to be sentimental about it and not feel that we can throw it away.

If we are trying to succeed at advancing in our career and have bought lots of personal development books to study topic A, B & C, then we associate having these books as essential to succeeding in our goal to be successful with our career. There is nothing wrong with collecting books, but if we keep buying more and more books, our house is going to look like a book shop someday.

Buy Less Stuff

We might decide to change our approach to buying things and find innovative ways to achieve the same goals. For example, as an alternative, you could consider making use of the resources at your local library. That way, we can borrow out and read a few books. When done with reading the book, we can return it to our library.

We often find ourselves buying stuff, but down the track our circumstances change and we no find use for it. This situation can often apply to hobbies that we get into. Whether it be setting up an aquarium in our living room or buying home gym equipment, we may find that down the track we are no longer pursuing these hobbies. So now is the time to simplify your life and get rid of items we no longer need.

Live Clutter Free in Your Home

Once we lift the burden from ourselves of collecting clutter, we will find a renewed approach to living clutter free in our home. What a relief it is to be able to walk easily through our home without bumping into anything, or running around trying to find a place to store the next latest kitchen gadget that we bought on sale.

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Clutter Tips to Organize your Home

clutter tips

Having a declutter day seems like a mammoth task, but if you apply some of the clutter tips on my website you will be feeling mighty pleased with yourself when you create a clutter free home.

Our home is the hub of all our activities and as we go through our days, somehow the frenzy of our daily activities means that our home sometimes doesn’t get the tender loving care it deserves.


Declutter One Room at a Time

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to solve all your clutter problems in one sitting. It’s best to start by clearing clutter one room at a time. So firstly, select a room to declutter.

You may choose a room to clean up based on any number of criteria. It may be the easiest room to organize. Your laundry room may be a good room to choose. You wouldn’t think a laundry room could get cluttered, but any room can pile up with clutter in no time.

Set Aside Declutter Days or Sessions

There are two ways to go with decluttering your room. If you have time, you could set aside a declutter day and get a few rooms organized. Or you could set aside some time each day, say a couple of hours and start taking action to reduce clutter. This is really a personal choice in terms of what works best for you.

First Steps to Decluttering

Firstly, the next thing you need to do once you have chosen which room or how to declutter ? Have a look at the layout of the room and how things are organized. Things to keep in mind are that each item in the room should have a home and be stored in a particular location.

You also need to have adequate storage for all your possessions. The room should also be set up in such a way that it is easy for you to do regular cleaning. If there are nooks and crannies which will be hard to get to for cleaning, then you may need to consider reorganizing the layout of things in your room.

Make A List

Make a list of things you need to do to improve the layout of your room. This may involve creating extra storage space. If this is the case, make a note of things to buy such as a closet or putting up shelves along the wall.

Putting up shelves along the wall is often a good way to utilize space which would be otherwise wasted. It is also a fairly economical approach to adding extra storage space to a room.

Getting Really Organized

The above things on you to do list may need to be done in several sessions. But don’t sweat, as you are on your way to getting really organized.

One thing you could do right now is to throw away things that you don’t need. After all, the cause of all that clutter is the build up of stuff that you don’t need. In fact, it’s probably the result of accumulation of many years of stuff.

Create the “Keep” and “Throw” Away Piles

So create two piles as you sort through your possessions. One pile will be the keep file and the other pile will be the throw away pile. Decide whether or not you need to keep the item. Throwing away stuff can be a painful process depending on the type of person you are.

If you are sentimental person or a compulsive hoarder, you may find it harder to throw things away and may need some special hoarding help. As long as you are making some progress to throwing some things out, give yourself a pat on the back for having made the first step to reducing clutter in your home.

Commence Project How Declutter in Four Easy Steps


Who doesn’t love to be more organized in their lives? Having a declutter day to get organized at home could be just the solution you are looking for. So let’s get started with project how declutter.

It can be hard to know how to get started when there is clutter everywhere around us. You name it, there is clutter around your bedrooms, in the kitchen, in the closet. It all seems endless.

So how do you go about having a successful declutter day? There are a couple of things you need to ask yourself. Firstly, you will need to decide for yourself out of your precious possessions which stuff you feel is clutter and which isn’t clutter.

Getting Organized

So let’s get organized. Reducing clutter is not as hard as it sounds. In order to get organized, you just need to apply some simple solutions. So we have made the commitment to set aside a day to get organized.

Firstly, decide which is your top priority room in terms of wanting to reduce clutter. A good place to start is often the closet. You may find your closet crammed with all sort of things from shoes that haven’t been worn for a long time to multiple winter coats to choose from. How about that missing pair of gloves where you just couldn’t locate one glove?

What Constitutes Clutter?

So you have made a good start with your closet to decided what is clutter and what isn’t clutter. The next step is to apply some simple solutions to get things organized. So in the case of your closet, you will need to have efficient storage to help reduce clutter.

Look at the storage in your closet and see how good your shelf space is. Do you find it easy to get to your office? If is not easily accessible, reorganize the shelf space by installing some shelves.

Stackable Containers and Bins

A fantastic clutter clearing technique which works wonders is to purchase stackable containers and bins. That way, every item has a home.

Decide where the item will be located, and clearly label the containers so you don’t have to go searching through your whole closet looking for the item.

Off course, if you are going to label the containers, make sure that when you use that item, you return it to its rightful place.

Remember our little problem above where we couldn’t find one side of our gloves. With everything labelled correctly and returned to its rightful place, missing gloves will be a thing of the past for you!

Throw Stuff Away

As part of us declutter day, we will also need to throw stuff away. We all have stuff that we just can’t bear to part with. They may be old records or old magazines or presents that our close friends or relatives gave us.

A lot of people have a hard time throwing things away may be because of sentimental value or maybe it’s just because we like hoarding stuff.

But in order to reduce clutter, we will have to make some firm decisions to throw stuff away. So put the stuff that you want to throw away in a pile and get rid of it.

The One Year Rule

A good rule is that if you haven’t used something for a year, it is not likely that you will use it. Clothes is a good example where you can apply this rule.

Rather than have your wardrobe crammed full of clothes that you don’t wear, start to reduce clutter by throwing away the clothes that you haven’t worn for a year.

Magazine Subscriptions

Got magazines from two years back that you were meaning to read? If you haven’t caught up on reading back issues of magazines, maybe it’s time to throw away those old magazines.

If there are articles in the magazines that you want to keep, take these articles and file them away in a folder for later use.

Making Progress

So let’s see what progress we have made so far with us declutter day. Firstly, we made the commitment to have a declutter day. Good decision!

Secondly, we chose a room like our closet where we can hone in to start reducing clutter. Well done!

Thirdly, we decided on which items to keep and which items to throw away.

Fourthly, we made improvements to our storage space by installing shelves where required.


Hopefully, you are finding some relief now that the clutter is starting to disappear from your life.

Isn’t it time you had a Declutter Day?

Declutter Day

Having a declutter day is an ideal way to get started on reducing or completely eliminating clutter in your home.

It’s a special day that you set aside to get rid of clutter in your home. So let’s get started with getting organized to have a successful declutter day.

Involve Family Members

It’s a great idea to get family members involved to declutter and organize their own possessions. Get each member of the family to decide what to keep and what to throw away. It’s important that they be involved in the decision making process and take ownership of their possessions.

Assign Responsibility

Each member of the family should be assigned a specific room to organize. The kids can be responsible for cleaning up and reducing clutter in their own rooms.

Collect Boxes

Prepare for your clutter clearing day ahead of time by collecting boxes that you can use to sort items. If you work in an office, you can always find spare boxes lying around to bring home for your cleanup day. Or you can always collect boxes at your local supermarket.

Hire a Skip Bin

If you plan on throwing away a lot of junk, consider hiring a skip bin so that you can throw things out for collection and disposal. Otherwise, you may find yourself creating extra piles of clutter in your living room whilst you are waiting to get rid of all that clutter.

Set Realistic Goals

The key to organizing your home on this specific day is to set realistic goals. You are not going to be able to declutter your whole house in one day. So set yourself some realistic goals. Perhaps you might decide that you can realistically organize one or two rooms for the day.

Getting Stuff Done

If you organize one room and your husband clears no other room, that will be already two rooms that are decluttered. And if the kids clear their own rooms, then the kids’ rooms will also be organized. That’s great progress for a day’s work.

Throw Away Junk

Now that you have collected your boxes or skip bin, the main task ahead is to throw away any clutter.  Clutter comes in many forms and can be eliminated quite easily if you consider the item at hand.

Similar Items

If you have more than one item that achieves the same purpose, throw those extra items away. There is no point having three kitchen blenders if you only use 1 blender regularly.

Old Items

Another category of items that you should be throwing away are old items. If you have been using the same nonstick pan for years and years, and it is no longer serving its purpose, throw it away. There is no point keeping old items that are worn out and no longer operational.

Broken Items

You should also throw away broken items. If you were planning to fix up your old TV or old computer and never got around to it, chances are likely that you will never get around to fixing it. Best to do yourself a favor and throw it away. Unfortunately, these days we live in a throwaway society and sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new item than to try and have it repaired.

Having a declutter day is a great way to organize your home and purge clutter and junk.