Carton Industry in China

Carton Industry

2011,  there is no illusion that has the energy, transport, communications, and a monopoly and huge profits in the carton box industry, all kind of industry suffered from the financial crisis and monetary tightening policy of the government, companies in carton industry cannot afford a loss. As an international financial crisis in October 2010 after the price of cardboard decreased from 3,000 yuan per ton to 2,600 yuan. But the decline in prices lasted only half the time of the month, prices have started to ship in October 2008, again on a level.

Increased since the beginning of 2010 to date, prices and higher box, preprinted linerboard per ton increased from 600 yuan to 2550 yuan per ton of crepe paper up to 2850 yuan per ton of cardboard has risen to 3,800 yuan from 3650 yuan. After the Spring Festival Liner Council is expected to reach 4,000 yuan per ton.

A page from the price of cardboard boxes on one side of the orders UDF move downward pressure on prices. Now, with two types of cardboard factory user, a mass of users, such as Mengniu, Yili and so on, many of their orders face. The box factory, in the hope that such an order, you can play full, give to the role of the production line. However, these users have learned to cope with a cardboard factory. You know that there are so many plants, cardboard, enough to eat, take care not to unclaimed orders. In such a situation, often through the annual auction, to the food manufacturer of cardboard boxes. In the turmoil of the intense competition in the auction, though prices are already on board, if the jobs can be profitable, there are more dry plant boxes have the courage to go live bids. The softer side to reach the goal of reducing costs, suffered only cardboard factory in the throat into the stomach.

To survive, companies improve their boxes, the same can be said that every effort is made: the introduction of modern production lines of corrugated board and the introduction of scientific management, staff training, improving the quality of the product and so on. In recent years the corrugated industry in China has out of the hands and style semi-automatic method of production, with over 4,000 modern production line corrugated cardboard. Now the Board has a clear change in the past in science, energy efficiency, or both, are the use of paper, the enterprise content management, and also the edge of the exact calculation of the losses.

Then, determine the business decisions of the Board, which rise and fall? A: The box-factory prices of cardboard and end users. You may wonder what effect the price of the cardboard? Rising prices for raw materials, products, and then the law of market economy etc., however, China is a special situation where the prices may have increased, cardboard, not to get cardboard, or the prices to be relatively low.

The temporary facility is buying a second user-Box customers out of cardboard, or start with a small amount of test users. These users by the purchaser due to the frequent trading relationships to be sent between the carton factory, an expert in negotiation and cardboard factories which covered many times as accommodation for families through a list, whose advice line that the real estate family of corrugated cardboard, which properties of the family of the main document. If the application is high on the tab system, you will say, field crops is lower than the prices is not dried, lower prices and less. The box factory in Dalian, a responsible person said, the lack of production problems in the field of telecommunications, a punishment that will not take life too little , but then lost. The reality is that the cases of commodity prices, the price of cartons, or may not continue to speak very briefly, so the economic benefits.

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The prices of the producers on board, a fatal blow. In South China cardboard production line of corporate governance practices and the relatively high production goals. In 2010, the output of more than 4200 billion yuan, the contribution of tax revenue for the government to 2 million and cardboard have to eliminate prices exceeded 150 million yuan by the end of the plan calculation. Leader in general reflects the box industry standard for performance should be able to achieve 6%, but the reality is that investors have a difficult year, get rid of taxes, the cost price of the cost of food and normal activities, at the end of calculations of profits may less than 1%, coinciding with the loss.

China Packaging Federation paper packaging Committee noted that the cardboard packaging company in China and the companies upstream and downstream users should be the formation of the industrial chain of mutual advantage, but is now a peer and balance. The distribution of this situation would inevitably lead to a positive development in the carton industry.

It has been established for over two years, the Committee has done a great job to coordinate, but the effect is not very clear.  Due to the trilateral cooperation in the hope that the inflated price and price per box will contain effectively reduced consumption behavior with healthy and orderly development of the industry.

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