Bathroom Storage Ideas When you Love to be Organized

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom Storage Ideas When you Love to be Organized

With this bathroom vanity you will run out of things but never out of place to keep them

Question: How can a bathroom be a place where you can find all the possible space for your storage needs and yet look fabulous?

When you are looking for more space to keep all your toiletries in, then this kind of an open and closed bathroom cabinet can come to your rescue. The mirror on top of the cabinet along with the marble platform make it the right place for you to put on your make-up and check the way you look before you leave the bathroom.

The way it has been strategically positioned and the bathroom a step away makes it easy for two people to get ready at the same time. So, one does not need to fight over who uses the bathroom first.

The lights on either side provide just the right amount of light to be able to check one’s appearance and makeup.
This vanity look with the closed doors can be used to store anything possible from piles of towels, tissues, soaps and whatever else that you could think of. The two open shelves can be used to place napkins and towels that might be needed immediately. You can also have baskets on the bottommost shelf with small bottles or things that you need daily. This could also be a place where you could store your mixture of aromatic herbs.

The overall color theme used is relaxing and can go on to calm the most frayed nerves. The beige on the walls with the wood of the storage cabinet and the lighting to reflect all of this in the mirror, add the right ambience to getting ready to meet the day waiting outside your doorstep.

If you are in need of further space and want to store things out of sight and then retrieve them later then there is an open shelf above the mirror that will enable you to do so. The shelf can be decorated with little pots of artificial flowers or a dry flower arrangement.

The all metal filigree wall hanging on one of the walls enables this bathroom to break the monotony of all wood in it. Furthermore, the color combination of black and brown and the interesting design of birds and trailing leaves make it a refreshing change to look at.

The soap dispensers in white along with the white napkin on the side rail make the theme of white and brown complete.

This is one bathroom that you might want to take time to get dressed in and stare at yourself as you brush your teeth before retiring to bed.

Thelma Anderson

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