The Basics of Leather Furniture Repair

Leather Furniture Repair

A beautiful home is nothing without beautiful furniture to complement it and leather furniture is the best way to bring out the best in your home. Leather furniture looks great but like all things it is vulnerable to wear and tear. If your beloved leather chair or sofa does sustain a little scuff or tear, don’t throw it on the scrap heap just yet. Repairing it will be easier than you think and there are some handy kits available to help you to do just that.

Leather Furniture Repair

Most modern leather furniture items can be repaired by the owner. Contemporary leather furniture is often scratch resistant and usually constructed so that the grain and color are consistent and will not be vulnerable to water damage. This makes repairing this type of damage even easier.

Although most leather today resists scratches it will still be necessary to prepare the area thoroughly before making a repair. Just because your furniture item is scratch resistant this doesn’t mean that you can go attacking it carelessly. When performing leather furniture repair, just as when removing stains, you should prepare the affected area by cleaning it with water and mild soap flakes or dish soap. Although the leather is guarded against water damage it will still absorb some water when being cleaned, so allow it time to dry before making any repairs otherwise it may stretch or contract, causing yet more damage. Once dry, gently wipe the area with an alcohol pad. These are usually included in leather repair kits. Cleaning the surface in this way will remove residue that could affect repair.

Once the damaged and cleaned area is dry, spread a repair compound over the damage. One half inch outside the hole or tear should do the trick. If you have a deep hole in the leather, you will need to apply a sub-patch first. These are often contained in the repair kits. Smooth out the compound with the provided tool or your finger and allow it dry. Impatient people are often tempted to use a hair dryer set on low to expedite the process, but those inexperienced in leather furniture repair should probably avoid this as it can cause the compound to crack. If that happens you’re back to square one.

After the compound has dried, use another alcohol wipe to remove any residue. Do this gently and sparingly because the alcohol can remove the compound if used in abundance. Next, apply the color coating included in the kit. The first coat should be thin and will likely not cover the patch. The color will probably seem light at first but subsequent coats will cover the entire patch and deepen in color. Finishing up with conditioner is optional, but it makes the repaired area soft and supple.

When your leather furniture is damaged, it is not the end of the world. With the many kits available, leather furniture repair is simple and easy. Just follow these simple steps and your leather furniture will look almost as good as new.

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