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Free Carton Box Packaging Design Software

Carton Box

Recently Packmage CAD software released a brand new beta version for free carton box packaging design, unlike other software such as esko, cimpack and adobe illustrator, it has changed the packaging design process.

Packmage CAD offers a rich box template library with classifications, user search keywords to get the box templates he want,  then edit the size according to customers requirements, which means user only need to input parameter values to get the box design down. It has improve the efficiency greatly especially to the users who do not own packaging design software skills. It intend to make the design of non-structural innovative box templates more simple, fast and standardized. All the box templates in its library can be used in the Parametric design module, user only need to input length, width, depth and other parameters related to box templates to get the box structural design done in seconds. The box template structural design draft can be exported as PDF、DXF format which can be imported into Photoshop、Illustrator、CorelDRAW、AutoCAD and other softwares. In the library, box templates can be displayed as unfolding, folding and half-folding status with explanations which facilitate users greatly.

Although it isnt power enough like other packaging design software, it could meet commonly packaging design work of the designers. Furthermore, the software is free, users only need to pay the box template license fee which is extremely save the cost for people especially for small packaging business, usually they have only about 10 box templates all the time, others means nothing to them, if they buy a packaging design software which could increase their cost. With Packmage CAD software, they can check the box templates they want in the library then pay for the related license,  not only save time but also save money.

Once user modified the values of the box template in Packmage CAD, they can import the graphic design to match with the structural design, then they can check both the 3D blank simple and color simple of the box with high definition. With the 3D module, designer can check his design work comprehensively, no matter there’s any flaw in the corner or inside and outside of the box, it could be found immediately during 3D box modeling process.

Step and Repeat module matches the single die graphics with box template structural design then step and repeat the die graphics, after that Packmage CAD rendering the graphic design into single die graphic to output the die cut template and printing template file. This module can improve accuracy、 work efficiency and ensure die cut template file consist with printing template file. The module offers smart array and manual step and repeat methods.

Packmage CAD Box Template Library Introduction

Packmage CAD

Packmage CAD packaging design software released a new version which redesigned the box template library greatly. Let’s check the interface first.

All the box templates listed in the library as die line, folding, unfolding, half-folding status to facilitate the users search box in the library. at the left side is the box template classification window. all the box templates classified according to material, structural and usages, if user know the properties of the box he can find the box easily.  In the central of the window, all the box templates are listed as half folding status which is very intuitive for search. the colored boxes are activated, user can use those boxes for parametric design, the gray boxes aren’t activated currently, user need to buy license to activate them.

At the upper right corner, user can adjust the box templates display size and change the status to folding, unfolding and die line, which reduced lots of work for box design, user only need to search the library to find out the right box to edit parameters to get his box structural design done.

Once user selected one box template in the library, the die line and 3D box will be shown in the right side of the window with usage descriptions. If user searched box one website, then you’d better remember the box template ID so that you can check and activate it directly by input the ID in the search bar of the box library window.

This features of the Packmage CAD software makes the corrugated and folding carton box design work even more easy, user do not have to be high skilled, only need to know the box properties then search on the library. What if  box templates don’t exist in the library? Currently Packmage CAD software has 400 commonly used box templates, and we continually to update the quantities. If there has box cannot being found in the library, there will be a submit box templates form in the official website, we will add them in the library according to the vote.

Whats Packaging Design for?


As we pass through the aisles of our favorite stores, we probably thinking not so much could have been designed on the individual packages. We need to think, because every product we see, touch and buy that require a complex packaging designs and time to reach shelves. In reality, the decision can from a point in comparison with the other actually be the result of the drawing overall package. The packaging of the brand is one of the most important ways company to present to target market and competitors. The right balance is fully functional, but attractive design is the foundation of strategic brand management package.

Whats Packaging Design for?

Industry insiders say that the packaging design is a moving target. Demographic trends, such as the aging of the demographic and cultural trends, such as the movement toward environmentally friendly products have a large weight in packaging design. By their nature, these trends are constantly evolving. But what works today may not work tomorrow, packaging design, because like it or not, the change in consumer preferences over time. While there are design elements that are outside of time, fashions and trends, which have great importance in the design of the packaging in certain segments.

The product designs is so important in today’s market, which has more than just an element of production. The packaging design is a discipline in itself. Some industry trade groups, publications and programs focused only on the packaging designs. Millions of dollars are spent each year studied, such as design package will affect the sale of products and how the product works, what consumers think about the company. As a result of this study was recovered bottles, labels, recycling, and the fields are stretched or an impact type of product sold is shrunk.

The packaging design of food and pharmaceutical industries, for example, there are certain requirements that must be met to ensure the standards are not fulfilled. Considerations such as logistics will also be remembered as a mean a botched transport packaging can be expensive. After the considerations taken in the art of packaging design steps in. while sitting on the shelf, the package is the dealer. Labels, bottles, boxes or containers must work together to convince, the product stand out from the crowd again. At the same time, the package should convey the message that the manufacturer wants to transmit.

design steps

At the simplest level, putting package design, a simple method for the manufacture of products for the market, they are in boxes, bottles and packaging. The number of important factors such as product safety, product safety or information, and other primary cells. After that, the most important criteria for the specialists and designers to create and configure each element are of the form, color, texture and size.

In short, the discipline of package designs is a complex and evolving science. The originality and practicality are two main criteria when designing packaging. Create the product was only the beginning of the process that now sell the product and a step ahead of the competition is the packaging design. How to determine a successful packaging designs?  A good packaging designs is not have to be delicate or luxury,  but it should connect with the consumer and evoke an emotional impulse to pay for it.

Successful Packaging Design

Successful Packaging

Packaging design can be a complicated process, since each package has its own set of problems with a variety of possible solutions. A clear understanding of what the package should be protected against ensures that  a container designed to satisfy all needs of the customer. What should be considered in a successful packaging design?

Here I have listed a few Factors:

  • 1 > Eye-catching In the supermarket, people eye contact with goods only around 4 seconds. During this short period the buyer decides on the product, based on statements of what is presented to obtain a package. All the above tips are in the development of the package. Consider carefully, but remember at all.
  • 2 > Target customer Do you know your target audience? This is the key to all the other proposals that follow are based. Do your homework and know who you are selling. Man, women, kid, which age period? Knowing your target audience all the decisions of the packaging design will be easier.
  • 3 > Consider the competition When you do your due diligence and see where the package is displayed? Who is the package next to him? The small box, and the competition is a big box with some parts? They have a number of products? As can be seen side by side? Take the time to at stores that look like your product information and find out what competitors would do shop. Knowing the competition will help to rise above them.
  • 4 > Uniqueness Will good packaging design help or hurt my chances package in the hallway? The package may be too unique or unusual, that the stores do not want to see, and that is not adequately supported, not simply be stored, etc. Note that the business is to deliver the goods on the shelves. Relief for those in better sales can bring for you.
  • 5 > Prices The cost of the product should impact on their packaging design. Is not that the development of products at low cost. The design can be an increase in the cost of packaging than is necessary.
  • 6> Shopping Experience How can customers interacting with the product? Can you play? Your product is completely sealed? Store ready-made or encouraged to bring one of their products outside of the package to convey? When is the point of sale of the product is not a characteristic note, then, punched windows would be appropriate.
  • 7> Quality printing Take your design to quality printer. Do not go to the corner of the printer, if you know that it relieves the pressure of packaging experience. The print quality is the quality of the product.
  • 8> Branding A good packaging design means for the future. Not only are the products of a company more attractive to the store, but by more attention to the corridor, so that the brand consistent.

Folding Carton Packaging

Carton Packaging

Folding carton packaging is a appropriate anatomy of packaging fabricated from layers of automated and lurid that is bleached. The actual produced is usually a manila white color. This blazon of folding carton packaging is the abject for abounding packaging solutions. It is acclimated in food, cosmetic, medical, accurate and arctic aliment industries and abounding others. The folding carton packaging can be coated for assorted packaging needs. It can accept abounding treatments activated including abacus bark or aluminum antithesis to serve assertive requirements.

Carton Packaging

The process of folding carton packaging is starting from the manufacturer to wholesaler, from wholesalers to retailers and at the end from the retailers to ultimate users. The whole process is required a safe and secured packing as well as considerable expenses for completion of the process.

The cardboard can be acclimatized to be acceptable for abounding things including toys, beverages and clothing.  Specialist suppliers can acknowledge any questions you may accept about this anatomy of packaging material. There are several specialist companies on the Internet which offer the packaging services.

Samples of folding carton packaging design can be requested to appraise the adequacy for your requirements. The box can be colored, decorated, embossed, varnished and assorted added adaptations. Most suppliers will accept an in abode architecture account or you can accommodate your own ancestor abstraction for production. Marketing, advance and barrage samples are some of the casework provided. A acceptable supplier will accept an absorbing applicant account and superior goods. A acceptable banker will plan with you whether your architecture is in abode or bespoke.

Folding carton

Folding carton packaging is adjustable and actually ideal for abounding multipurpose packaging requirements. It has been approved and activated in streamline and backbone for abounding decades. It is a solid, cheap, reliable and able asylum for any product. It is  simple to bulge and bend into abode to be interlocked or alert together. This blazon of packaging is actual amount able even if affairs baby amounts. The individual or multilayer cardboard can be printed on to with bartering ink and printers.

Folding carton packaging is acclimated in the conception of abounding kinds of packaging. It is acclimated in approved packaging as able-bodied as promotional or sample packs. It is a actual able lurid actuality that can be molded into any appearance or size. It is added generally acclimated for alfresco packaging rather than close linings.

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