My 2 Favorite Freelance Websites to Find Work in 2016

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Working as a freelancer is both fun and rewarding, but this career-choice has its ups and downs. I personally enjoy the rewards and benefits that comes with being a freelancer, and enjoy overcoming the many challenges and obstacles I have to overcome on my journey to becoming a more established freelance worker. Many people find themselves stuck in 9 to 5 job where they have no challenges and simply follow the instructions that’s passed on to them. This results in a boring job where you do not get an opportunity to grow and you have to be happy with minimum wage. It is possible to escape this boring routine by using your own skills and converting them into a lucrative income opportunity.

Thousands of individuals have made the move to becoming a freelancer. Being a freelancer means you can work from the comfort of your own home, you can set your own schedule, you decide when you want to work and you basically write your own pay check. The choice of becoming a freelancer online might seem daunting at first, but once you set your mind to it, things start to fall into place and overcoming the obstacles you have to face in order to make the transition becomes easier and more rewarding.

Today I would like to share my choice of the top 5 freelance websites where freelancers can find work in 2016. I have personally used these and can tell you that they provide an excellent way to find work and become successful online as a freelance worker.


UpWork is my personal favorite freelance site. I have been working on this platform for quite some time and find it to be convenient, easy-to-use and an excellent addition to my freelancing tool box. UpWork has a large variety of categories to choose from when finding work, which means you can find projects to apply for no matter what skills you have. Some of my favorite categories include web design and content writing, as these are the two categories I enjoy working in most.


Easy to get started with no approval process

The ability to upload portfolio items in order to create a professional portfolio

Free account gives you enough bids to find a lot of work every month

Trusted platform with thousands of freelancers and employers

Easy to make bids on potential projects

You can choose when to get paid, or set an auto payout schedule

Live chat system makes it super easy to communicate with clients

Convenient time tracker automatically tracks the amount of time you spend on projects that pays by the hour


The fee associated with each job is a bit high, but the more work you do, the less fees you pay

As you can see, the only negative point I have with working on the UpWork platform is the fact that they take around 20% of your earnings as fees. There is a positive side to this point though after making a certain amount on the platform with a client, your fee will drop to between 5% and 10%.

I have a few continuous contracts on UpWork. This is one of the best ways to create a recurring income stream by finding clients, impressing them and gaining a long-term business relationships. This way, I am making $100+ per week, sometimes much more. It all depends on the amount of work I do and the amount of time I spent on the platform.

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Guru is another excellent option for freelance workers. The platform works very different than the UpWork platform, but in the end the process is very similar. You search for a job, place a bid and once your bid is accepted, you complete the job. The only difference with Guru is the fact that you need to set up an invoice and send it to the client / employer. They will then be able to pay the invoice.

Additional payment options are available order to provide added security for freelancers. As a freelancer, you can choose whether a client needs to fund the project before you get started and whether they need to enable auto-pay on the project. Auto-pay is a system that automatically withdraws money from the clients account once you send them an invoice.

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Final Thoughts

While these are not the only freelancing platforms available for freelance workers, I highly recommend starting out with them. I find that UpWork is the easiest to work with and the built-in messaging system is really a great add-on! I found it relatively easy to get started on UpWork and scored my first few contracts in the first week of being active on their system. On Guru, I had a problem with one contract where I never got paid. In a way it was my own fault as I did not ask the client to pre-pay into the system. Since then, I did score more trust-able clients that pay. I work on UpWork 80% of the time and on Guru the other 20% (when doing freelance work). I also believe that you should not limit your opportunities. These platforms provide a great way to get started and to build a portfolio. Once you are more acquainted, you should focus on finding clients off these platforms and you should try to build long-term business relationships with your private clients.

Thelma Anderson

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